Pics of Evie's 1st Birthday Party (pic heavy)

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Pics of Evie's 1st Birthday Party (pic heavy)

Evie turned 1 on Wednesday last week (29th) and we had her party yesterday (Sept 2). We had fun. She skipped her morning nap cause Gramma came to help get ready, then she didn't crash til after the party, around 4pm and only slept for 20 minutes and then nothing til bed time! I am thankful that she didn't get too cranky for the party.

Evie's Smash Cake

Evie's Guest Cake

The cakes together

Evie being dainty with her smash cake

Me trying to feed Evie her cake after she abandoned it and went for Gramma's Slice

Evie with her tiara (pre cake consumption)

My favorite shot. Evie and her baby doll

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So cute!!! Happy bday evie!!!

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Cute cakes! Love that last pic, too. Happy bday Evie!

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She is adorable!

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So cute!! I love the red hair!!!

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Awe.... looks like she had a great party. Her hair is a lovely color!