Pics of Thalia

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Pics of Thalia

My SO and I had agreed not to post any pics of our daughter online (well obviously I'm still on the fence) but this is the only way you guys can see our bundle of joy. So... here goes...


We are so happy to finally have her home!!

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So dang cute! Congrats, Sonia!

(And what I did with pics of my newborn DD was to put them up for a day or two so people could see them, then take them down so they weren't there forever. Not sure what I'll do this time!)

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She is beautiful!!!

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She's beautiful!!!

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Sonia she is beautiful. Seriously Sept 2011 mama's have the cutest babies EVERRRRRR

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ohh she is so sweet!!!

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Thank you ladies!

That's actually not a bad idea to have them up temporarily.

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She is so cute and adorable I'm so glad you were able to share with us

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Such a cute little thing! She looks perfect!!!

P.S. I'll do the same thing... just have S's pics up for a couple of days and then remove them. I only use Shutterly for posting pics online, so I go back and remove all the pics from my Shutterfly album to make sure the picture links are broken.

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She is beautiful!!!! Congrats again Mama and I am so happy that she is home!

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beautiful!! congrats!!

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She is so cute!! Congrats!!

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She is beautiful.