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picture/outfit question

I'm trying to decide what to have Jayden's picture at the hospital in. Does ur hospital offer this service? And if they do what outfits are you bringing?

What outfit do you have to take LO home in?

Post pics if possible

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The hospital I had my older two at did the 'professional' pictures, the hospital I had DS at and will have this baby at doesn't but they do a snapshot for their website and give you a copy of the picture.
One reccomendation is to bring a blanket you'd like as the background. As far as what to wear, just anything you think would be cute, they don't take a picture their whole body so even if it's just a cute onesie/gown/sleeper that you like. Or if there's any special outfit that you really like.
At this point unless I find something I really love I have two outfits I'm torn on for the going home outfit, I'm going to bring both and I'm sure one will end up being his picture outfit and the other will be for going home. One is a one piece outfit without feet and the other is a onesie/pants combo

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They don't do photos at the hospital that i am delivering at but they do at the one I work at Smile They use www.our365.com I think you can get some general info on what to do/bring etc that might help.

Also, make sure you bring two sizes of going home outfits! We brought DS a 0-3 month outfit because he was supposed to be over 8lbs but he ended up being 7lb2oz and the outfit was falling off of him Sad Made for a good laugh later but at the time i was devestated. This time I'm buying her going home outfit in newborn and 0-3 month, if i don't end up needing one then I will take it back Wink

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They offer them at our hospital but I'm pretty sure he's going to take it in his hospital clothes. If I change my mind I have his coming home outfit which is a size newborn and I have back-ups at home in 0-3 months. I may bring one extra newborn outfit just in case but I kind of want a picture in his little hospital gear.

His coming home outfit is a one-piece romper that converts to a gown, and it comes with a hat, bib, and socks. The arms fold over so I don't need mittens. It has monkeys on it. I crocheted a blanket to match it.

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Our hospital offers photos, but since I am a photographer, no way I am paying them for their "professional" photos, which are not more than a camera mounted above a table for the baby to lay on and for them to click a button.

I am going to do my own photoshoot with the baby after we get home from the hospital. I really want to get her a crocheted giraffe hat to do her pictures in!

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As far as sizing, both of the outfits I plan on bringing are newborn size. DH's cousin had a 7lb 10oz baby right before I had DS1 and he fit into newborn size stuff well and my son at 5lbs 13oz fit into newborn stuff with it being just a little big so I figure it's pretty safe. I guess if I were expecting 8.5-9lbs+ I might consider a 0-3 month outfit too but I think newborn will work for most babies.

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That's a good question. I don't think they offer this service at our hospital but I'll find out for sure. I haven't picked any outfits to bring her home in just yet.

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Our hospital doesn't do photos eithers. For going home outfit, this LO is wearing the same thing H wore, a sleeper with green orange and brown paw prints all over it. I love the idea that they both wore the same thing home, and with not knowing the sex either time, it was pretty neutral, and super cute!

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Our hospital doesnt offer this... kinda wish they did tho
Kesler will be coming home all in white knit
Its a family tradition alll our family has come home in white on my side of the family
even back to when my mom was a lil baby soo i want to keep the tradition going!!!

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Our hospital does them but we never ordered them for DD1 and I don't think they did them for DD2 and for sure they didn't for DS(he was in the NICU)

I am going to make her a dress. Same style as I did for DD2, but I ordered pink, Eiffel Tower fabric

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as far as the pics go we aim for something fairly simple. not alot of pattern to take away from the baby. DD just wore a onsie . then for going home we got put her in a snap up sleeper.

our hospital actually does a small photo shoot. they do the "mug shot" then some poses even evolving parents hands and lo's feet. we have a blankie made that we use for the backround..

DD's newborn pics

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Unless something has changed our hospital just does basic pics... nothing where the family is involved. I will let them take the pics but dont always buy them.