Pictures of Kailey Nicole

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Pictures of Kailey Nicole

**These pictures are of a micro-preemie baby that is in the NICU. So if this is a hard thing for you to see you might want to pass. She is doing very well though. Despite what it looks like in the pictures.**

My Step-Dad's thumb next to her footprints.

This is one of my favorite pictures. She is signing "I love you."

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Awwww how cute! She's so long! I'm glad to hear she's doing so well! I love how cute her little foot prints are. Thanks for sharing the pics, hope you're doing well and hope she continues to do well too!

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She is so tiny! I hope she continues to do well. Do you get to hold her at all or does she mostly stay in the incubator?

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Aww, look at the little peanut. She's so small, but I agree she looks long. I'm glad she's doing well, now she just needs time to grow and get stronger. Her footprints are so cute.

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What a cutie she is!!!! Can't wait for more pictures as she gets bigger!

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oh she is is sooo precious!! and the ladies are right she looks soo long Smile her footprints are adorable!! congrates again mama!!!! :bigarmhug:

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Thank you for sharing! I love her name Biggrin

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She is absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing with us!

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TFS! What a blessing to be doing so well! Prayers will continue to be sent up on your behalf!

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Great pics! I LOVE the one of her tiny footprints! So glad she is doing well, and I love the name :-). Continuing to pray for you both!

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She's so tiny, but does look like she's doing well. I love her tiny footprints.

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Aw, she is precious! Love the footprints. Im so glad you and she are doing well! Good luck and make sure you KUP!

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Love the footprints! Can't wait to see progression pics as she gets bigger!

Thank you for sharing her with us, Nicole!

I've added her to the top of the EDD list. She was born 6/23, right? Or was it the 22nd?

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oh my goodness how totally adorable! thanks for sharing the pictures, please keep them coming.

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She is precious!!!!

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Ooh she is SO sweet! What a little trooper. Love the name too.

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Thank you for sharing! What a cutie. Glad to hear that she continues to do well. Keeping you and your little lady in my thoughts and prayers.

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Nicole, she looks great! A good size, and only needing CPAP to breathe at 26 weeks is awesome. Keep us posted!

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She's adorable and I'm so glad she's doing as well as she is. The pic with the foot print is so cute it makes you realize how every little bit is so precious.

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What a tiny little peanut! Can't wait to see more of her but that is so great that she is needing so little assitance!

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So precious. Thanks for sharing your pics. Praying for her continual wellbeing.

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So cute!

This may sound wierd, but I think the little CPAP masks are so cute on the tiny ones. Hopefully shell never need to be on a vent. *crossfingers*

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What a precious little girl! She is perfect! Love the tiny foot prints.

As a former NICU mom, take tons of pictures! In a few years you will not remember how tiny they were. Also, do not feel guilty for not spending all your time in the NICU - it gets over-whelming and you need a break. The nurses will let you know what is happening.

My preemie turns 6 tomorrow, the time goes so fast.


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how precious! thanks so much for sharing the pics. love the little footprints. hope she continues to do well.

i was born at 27weeks myself and spent the first 3 months in an incubator, so there are photos of me looking very similar. i had no long term conditions as a result, so keep your head high and know she is obviously a strong little fighter who seems she will do very well.

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Nicole TFS, she is simply beautiful!

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She is so precious! So perfect for being so small! We love the pictures of our first Sapphire so please keep them coming!

Congrats again Nicole!

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I agree, take tons and tons of pics when you can. When she's a busy toddler running all over you quickly forget they were once so tiny. I love looking back on pics I took of my kids, and you will too.

When you can, please give another update. I think I can speak for most everyone in saying that we're all anxious to hear how things are going, and how you're doing. It's tough for you to have such a small, early baby, but it's also tough for us sitting waiting since we're all like 'family' in a sense :). :bighug: