Please tell me this gets better!!!!

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Please tell me this gets better!!!!

Last night was Day 3 of the girls sharing a room. Moriah doesn't sleep well at night to begin with. When she was in her own room, there would be at least 1 or 2 times where she would cry out at night. We started to just let her cry and settle herself. It seemed to work ok.

Now that both girls are in the same room. we can't do that. Sophia is now waking up when Moriah does. She will come in to our room and want to sleep with us every time Moriah wakes. Then, when Moriah wakes she doesn't re-settle because she sees her big sister and wants to chat, jump or cry (when Sophia comes in our room)

And then yesterday, Moriah woke at 5am and decided her sister needed to wake up too. Way too early for both of them!!! They were SOOOOOO crabby yesterday.

I am feeling sick to my stomach when bedtime rolls around now. I was up between the hours of 1:30 and 3am this morning dealing with Moriah not settling and Sophia crying because she wanted to sleep with us because her sister was keeping her awake.

Any tips as to how to handle this? Or, is this just a phase because it is something new?

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Tough one! No advice from me, sorry!

Just wanted to send hugs!

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No advice here either, just wanted to wish you luck! I'm sure it will get better- it's a big adjustment for them, so I'm sure it will just take time. I know it's exhausting for you (and them) in the meantime though! Hope it gets better soon!

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See mine boys both sleep well but 1 is an fights going to sleep, but will sleep in. The other goes to sleep no problem, but is up with the sun! The only time I have issues is when my late nighter is bugging the other one... this has been for the last 3 years, but it has definately improved some over the years.

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No advice from me either. Hope it gets better soon!

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It's a phase and you'll just have to weather through it... We have an almost 3 year old and almost 6 year old sharing a room- and more often then not, they share a bed too. It can be rough when the 3 year old refuses to settle in for the night because the 6 year old starts acting bonkers too.

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I feel your pain. We have a 2 year old chatterbox in with a 7 year old bed time pusher. They get each other railed up and more often than not it ends in us taking away prized possessions and..... After we officially took the 7 year old's DS away for an entire week, he started not caring. So, we started saying, do good at bed time and you can have your DS tomorrow.

We now have him ignoring his baby brother (the chatterbox) at bed time. However, that chatterbox still wakes a few nights out of the week around 2am! The 7 year old will gladly sleep in, but the 2 year old is up with the sun (even when he wakes at night) and doesn't like to leave the room without brother. Inevitably it ends with them both coming out of the room at 7am. We trained Jacob (7 year old) to not let his brother come out of the room before 7am if he wakes him up. But then later in the day everyone (including me) is soooo cranky. Lol

Obviously i'm no help at this point, but I'm very sympathetic to your situation. It might just be a phase, and it might not. Don't give up hope yet. Perhaps your older one can be bribed to fall back asleep. Reassure her that it won't last forever and each time she ignores it and doesn't come in to your room, there will be a reward for her the next day.


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No advice, just stick to it and see if the 'kinks' work themselves out. My girls are 5 and almost 7 and they still have nights where they keep each other up or wake each other up early in the morning. At this point they are old enough where I tell them they need to stay in their beds and try to fall asleep. I really think bunk beds has helped for us because they don't see each other at night so I think they are less likely to wake each other up...not that it doesn't happen but it doesn't happen as often.