poo problems sorry tmi

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poo problems sorry tmi

It will be 2 wks tommorrow since I got eclampsia and I haven't pooped since that sunday I got sick I have tried laxatives, stool softeners, even 2 fleet enemas nothing is working I have the worst cramps. I'm in enough pain with my kidneys and headache the poop cramps and constipation is setting me over the edge. Any ideas?

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Drinking lots of water, eating foods high in fiber, walking around to move things down.

Have you tried a suppository?

I'm sorry! That sounds miserable! Does your doctor know?

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I haven't tried supositories I went with the enema as I thought It would work better all it did was give me worse cramps Sad
I haven't ate much with this headache but I am drinking metimucil (sp?) , taking 2 other laxitives, I let the drs know on thurs and they said the laxitives and enema should do the trick and now he is off until monday and I feel like I'm going to exploed it wasn't bad untill today but now omg does it hurt Sad
Maybe tommorrow I will try sum supositories

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The worst part of my csection was definately the gas pains that hit the second day. I was very constipated before my surgery and hadn't had a bm for a few days before and then it was another week AFTER the section that I finally went. I was on pain killers that slowed everything down and then surgery slows you down so it was a double whammy. I know EXACTLY what kind of pain you are in, it's almost like contractions, it's horrible! Are you passing gas at least? If you aren't passing gas you need to go see a dr asap as you could have complications such as an obstruction. If you are passing gas it can take weeks to finally go, definately keep up with the stool softeners and water. I would cut back on the laxatives such as metamucil and fibre and just stick to the stool softeners. It's probably just going to make your pain worse if you are trying to fix things from the top end. At this stage of the game the stool softeners just need time to do their thing and help things along. I hope you get relief soon. When I finally had relief I then had two days of diarrhea! LOL I think it was from all the stool softeners/fibre.

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I think you should try suppositories. I was constipated for a few days after my c/s and they wanted to give me suppositories but I begged for more time. I had been taking stool softeners and I got them to agree to let me try oral laxatives first. Luckily for me they worked, but if they're not working for you I would try the suppositories. Walking also helped to get things moving again.

If that doesn't work though, don't let it go too long. We had to rush my mom to the ER (a few weeks after surgery to remove a benign ovarian tumor) because she was in excruciating pain. It turned out that she was really constipated.

I hope things get moving for you soon.

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Thanks ladies, I will try supositories tommorrow.
Wish me luck Wink
I never thought I'd be so desprate to poop ever.

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Oh Goodness... that sounds awful. I sure hope you are able to get some relief.

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I hope it works for you. :bigarmhug:

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I have no advice as I've never been in that situation, but I hope you get some relief soon! :bighug:

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I hope you are feeling better today!

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Hope you got some relief!

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I see my dr tommorrow so hopefully he will have sum ideas on how to get things moving this is pure torture :confused:

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Sad I saw you had replied to this thread and was so hoping it was an update saying you had gone! Sorry, girl! Hope your doctor can get things moving!

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Drink TONSSSSSSSSSSSSS of water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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