Post 300 WooHoo!

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Post 300 WooHoo!

Well, I wanted to make my 300th post special by basically giving an update on me. First of all I passed the 1 hour glucose test which I am overly excited about due to there being such a huge family history of diabetes on my side and also a history on his side. Also my bp has stabilized and baby girl is growing really well. She's moving a lot and I'm excited about that. (Even though Carlos has not felt her on the outside yet) Once in a while when I realize how much time is left I tend to worry about how she's going to come out of there but those moment are fleeting. Carlos asked me the other night what my overall feeling on being pregnant was, if it was getting to me etc. I must say I would do it again. Even with the horrible first three months and all the interesting pains I've been having as of late. The baby moving already makes up for it all. I heard once she's out it's even better, especially the moment I see her for the first time. Next on July 7th we're getting a 3D u/s!! That's going to be so cool especially since Carlos will be there to see her in 3D. We're getting the fetal echo and the u/s on the same day!! Overall I'm happy and I just wanted to share.

Lastly I wanted to say thank you all for being an invaluable resource to me throughout these months. I've learned a lot and hope that some of you can say the same about me.

Here's to 90 days left!!

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Yay for 300 posts!!! :party: I'm glad to hear everything is going well with the baby and that you passed your GD test. I'm sure DH will be able to hear the baby soon.

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Yay for reaching 300 posts!!! And double yay for everything goiing well Smile the 3D u/s is so amazing Smile

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That is awesome that everything is going well! And yay for 300 posts :-).