Potty Mouth aka Toilet talk (TMI warning)

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Potty Mouth aka Toilet talk (TMI warning)


Okay, well.. I've only been constipated like barely this pregnancy. And I've been pretty easy to just go every couple of days. It's hardly ever been difficult to empty, and RARELY has it been diarrhea like.

Well, the last couple of days there's an urgency and REALLY soft stools. I'm almost scared to toot with how soft and "OMG I need a toilet NOW" that it's been. I wouldn't say it's diarrhea still.. but dang it's getting close.

Now I've heard of ladies whose systems "empty" as part of early labor, but with both my boys I couldn't really say one way or another if that was true for me. I was lucky enough to be able to stay regular and normal throughout my pregnancies up until the VERY end.

Do you think this time's different? Or is it just my diet shift now that I'm back from "vacation" and eating better. It's only been a day and a half that I've been home, I would think it would take a couple more days to catch up to my bowels... :dontknow:

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Diet shift, change in activity level, not sure! From what I remember from nursing school, it takes about 24 hours for food to travel your digestive system from one end to the other. So could be from diet since you've been back.

I keep thinking of "toilet talk" appropriate things to post, but never post them. Wasn't sure when we'd get there as a board, lol!

I am a pretty regular kind of gal when it comes to my bowels. I rarely have a "messy" one, iykwim.

But pregnancy poops are the worst! ROFL

Ever wipe till clean, then next time you sit down to go, it is magically no longer clean? Has happened way too many times to be funny!

Ok, sorry I hijacked, but I've been itching for a poop thread!

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It coud very well be because of a shift in your diet. i've had everything from severe constipation to diarriaha this pregnancy and I can account for almost every change in my bowels by looking back at what I ate. I would give it another day or so and if it doesn't go back to normal then you may want to call your dr.

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Girl I have a GI condition anyway, but ~ 4wks ago we picked up a GI bug and I had diarrhea for DAYS! I have been very lucky to not deal with constipation at all even though I am on extra iron. I beat your system is trying to regulate again.

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Wow, I was going to post to ask the same thing. I havent had constipation at all so far and really soft stools, also I go more often. I would chock it up to better diet and more water? That's what I'm thinking.

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Well, it did dawn on me that I had a whole BUNCH of popsicles when I got back. Didn't have my "flavor" down there and I didn't want to make any special tips to the store for me. So I went from having practically NO popsicles to about 3 the day I returned and about 3 yesterday. And then it occurred to me that my "flavor" has high fructose corn syrup (a diuretic) in it. So, I'm backing off of them again. Lol

Glad I'm not the only one needing a toilet talk thread. Smile

Hijack away! Lol

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I've had issues all along w loose stools. Some days Im like how can I go anymore LOL. My guess is the change in diet from travel etc. Whenever I go anywhere & eat different it takes me days to get back to normal

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I agree that it's probably just diet/routine change. I've had both extremes this pregnancy, depending on what's been going on. I wouldn't worry about it ;-).

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omg i have been soooo constipated this pregnancy. but in last wwk or so it has gone the opposite my mw told me not to worry about it that i could have changed something in my diet soo slight that would change my bowels.. it sure is a nice break from being constipated tho. :eek:

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I've had fairly normal stools this pg (and last time too), but I think all the changes in your pooping habits are probably just diet and routine changes, like the pp suggested.