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pounds to lose

I just signed up for WW online. I have 40 pounds to lose and weight watchers is the only thing that works for me!! I also like the fact that they have guidelines and point ranges for nursing mothers.:)

Wish me luck. I need to stay focused...

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Good luck! Let us know how you are doing!

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Ok! Maybe I'll put a weight loss ticker on my signature. Smile

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Best of luck. I have 50 to go.

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Go get 'em girl! You can do it, Sonia. Smile Are you following any plan or anything in particular?

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Good luck! I was thinking we need a thread to encourage each other as we lose weight/get back in shape. Ronan will be six weeks old on Tuesday, which means I'll be able to get back in the gym!

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I was just thinking about adding a weight loss ticker. I have 17 lbs. for my first goal and then maybe 5 more. You can do it!!!

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"PeppermintPatty" wrote:

Go get 'em girl! You can do it, Sonia. Smile Are you following any plan or anything in particular?

Not at the moment. Just bf'ing. Lol. I've already lost 30!! Once I start feeling a bit better I'll get into walking in the two huge parks we have by us. Only thing that sucks is the weather is getting cold..'

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I recently started WW too! I have 10 pounds to go to get back to pre-pg weight (lost 40 already) but 100 pounds to lose to get down to my ultimate goal weight.

Maybe we could get a weight loss specific support thread going on here for those who want to follow.

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I've got 20lbs to lose. Weight is a pretty sore spot for me at the moment, I have always lost the weight super easy. I've been one of those hated moms whose weight just melts off while breastfeeding and that's definitely NOT been the case this time around (I only gained 34lbs, and haven't lost a pound since he was 3 weeks old). So I don't even know the best way to go about losing it while still keeping a good milk supply. Right now I'm exercising, doing a 12 week postnatal bootcamp program on dvd. Doing abs, toning and cardio every other day and cardio on 'off' days. I'm also starting to watch more of what we're eating and trying to plan healthier low-fat meals. The big things I'd really like to work on are getting healthier snacks in the house so I can snack throughout the day (that's how my metabolism does best) and finding a way for me to eat a healthy breakfast right away in the morning (I usually don't eat until after my older kids are in school and kitchen picked up for the morning, which puts me at at least 2 hours after I wake up which I know is pretty bad for your metabolism too). Oh and I've been really pushing the water the past few days.
I do think it's helping somewhat at least, I've only been at the exercise a little over a week and I can fit into 2 pairs of jeans now (before it was just the 1 pair that I got 2 weeks after DS1 was born, now I can fit into my 'fat pants' too) I am really tempted to not weigh myself until I feel better about how I'm looking so I'm not sure how I'll track it. Knowing that it's 20lbs really hit me hard as I've never been this heavy when not pregnant, I wasn't feeling so bad about my weight until I saw that number.

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I also joined weight watchers online. I just started it today, and I made the Italian Inspired Vegetable Soup for dinner. I haven't eatn it yet, but it smells Yummy!!!! I have 9lbs pre pregnancy to lose, and another 12 from my previous pregnancy. I would love to be down to a good weight by Christmas.

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Im 6.5 lb under prepregnancy weight, so now Im working on losing the extra weight I carry around normally. Im waiting until I get results from my diabetes screening at 7 weeks PP before I commit to a weight loss plan.


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Good luck. I gained 36 lbs this pg but I would like to lose an additional 15 beyond that. I'm only a week past my c/s though so I have a ways to go before I can start to focus on losing the extra pounds.

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Good luck, ladies! I'm ok with my weight right now, but would like to establish some healthier habits (drinking water instead of pop, being more active, etc). My SIL has had some great success with WW, both when BFing and not. She's been able to maintain the weight loss, too.

I think a weekly "Get Healthy" check-in/support thread is a great idea!

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I gained close to 40 lbs during my pregnancy :eek: more than I wanted or even believed at the end. So far I've dropped about 20. I switched to a dairy free diet this week (I miss cheese :() and even though that's because of intestinal issues and Evie's lack of poop (she's pooping again, BTW :yahoo:).. I'm hoping it helps in the weight loss department as well. Since I'm dairy free, eating out isn't as easy and that's a plus. I also joined a gym this week. I'm feeling pathetic on how long I can use the cardio machines, but a little bit at a time I will get better.

The guy that works at the gym recognized me from a few years ago while I was there yesterday. He called me by name, even. He welcomed me back and I said that I feel so pathetic that I can only go about 5 minutes on the elliptical and he responded with "Well, it's a start. You didn't do 5 minutes yesterday, did you?" It was so sweet of him to be watching out for me like that. Both he and DH said not to do something EVERY day for a while, but every other day. They don't want me to burn out. So nice. But I want my body back, darnit! Lol

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Janelle- I'm so glad the dairy-free diet is helping Evie! That's awesome! I know what you mean about wanting your body back, ASAP! Your husband and the guy at the gym gave you good advice, though. I can't wait to get back in the gym, although I'm 100% sure I will also feel pathetic! But it's so much better than doing nothing! Three more days and I'll be at the six week mark, so I can start putting Ronan in the nursery!

I have about 10 lbs to go to my pre-pregnancy weight, and 15 to where I'd really like to be. But if I'd be perfectly fine with just the 10. Definitely aiming for 15, though. We'll see how it goes.

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I gained 36 lbs total but lost 21 lbs in the week being sick at the hospital. But I haven't been able to keep much down being sick. Soo we will see when I'm back healthy how much I will need to lose. I'm not quite 3 wks pp sooooo I am not rushing it but can't wait to burn some stresses off in the gym.

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I have about 13 pounds to go to pre-Shaylynn weight, and about 23 to go to pre-Mason weight, though I'm not sure that's possible now since that was the smallest I have been since early high school.

The numbers on the scale though are not really what bother me. The size of pants is more what bothers me. It baffles me that I am only 13 pounds heavier than pre-preg, but I am wear pants 3 sizes bigger than my normal! I had to go buy a pair of jeans just so I would have a pair of normal pants to wear, because even the largest size I bought after I had Mason didn't fit. And I hate spending that much on pants I don't want to be wearing for very long.

I am not doing anything yet, but hope to start exercising after my 6 week appt. I really need to work on eating better, too.

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Before TTC #2, I was 140. I started off this pregnancy 10 lbs heavier due to my m/c. My final weight was 188 and I was 178 1 week pp. I'm now at 162 lbs, 11 weeks pp. Initially I did nothing and weight came off but I stalled at 170 lbs for over a month. If I eat 1800-2000 calories, I am losing 2 lbs/week so I want to take advantage of that while I can. I've really struggled with eating well since having her. I'm now tracking everything on my phone and doing much better.

I'm not too worried about exercise. I'm tracking what I'm doing but my only goal is to do more next month than this month. I usually get 2 long walks in during the week and maybe a DVD a week. Next month I start a kickboxing class and hope to do the dvd workouts more frequently.