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pregnancy brain

This morning I was all proud of myself for my productivity, as I switched Load 1 from washer to dryer and started to close the washer lid on Load 2. Except at that point I realized I hadn't yet put soap in, and that I don't recall putting soap in Load 1 either. Whoops! Start over!

We had friends over to play cards the other night, and when my euchre partner told the dealer (sitting to my right) to pick up the card, I picked it up instead without even thinking about it, and didn't realize what I had done till the hand was over. No one else seemed to notice either, though, so maybe pregnancy brain is contagious? ROFL

Share your own "Whoops!" moments with us!

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Oh jeez, I have so many. Just in the past two days I have...

~Warmed the milk too hot which killed the yeast which made my donuts not rise which p!ssed me right off.

~Went to the store and completely forgot the three things I went there to buy. I bought out the rest of the freakin store, just not anything I actually went there for.

~Dropped my phone in the toilet which I am STILL dealing with getting the replacement grumblegrumble.

~Dropped my netbook off of the couch and now I have to finagle the plug so it will actually charge.

Pregnancy brain is NOT on my good side at the moment. Blum 3

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I have SO many! This past week @ the OB I told him that we are planning a long weekend @ the beach. So when he came back to examine me he asked what beach we were going too.......:eek:..........I could not remember to save my life! The nurse was blurting out every beach on the NC coast, but it didnt help! LOL Then as I was leaving I mentioned the pelvic pain I have been having and I sd it feels like the bone is splitting (I'm an RN so this sounded bad) I meant to say it felt like the bone is separating ROFL He sd that I have placenta brain!!!!

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Nothing too bad lately, other than mixing words up or forgetting simple words I should know. But my favorite was emailing DH to tell him when my boys were coming to visit, and I told him that it would be on June 31st... oops.

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i dont have many "moments' to mention lately, but i just cant, for the life of me, collect my thoughts or my words. DD find this hilarious, especially since i tend to stutter while trying to figure out what im trying to say. lets just say that she is one entertained kid LOL

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I was just thinking of posting something about this yesterday. I was putting PB on crackers for dd and had gotten out 4 crackers for her. I had put the PB on 3 crackers and looked at the plate and realized the 4th cracker was missing. I looked all over the counter and couldn't find it until I looked at my hands and realized that whole time I was spreading PB on the 4th! Oy!

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I've had lots of pregnancy brain moments.

I have to have a list when I go out shopping because otherwise I will forget things that we need and I end up having to go out again.

When I'm cooking, a few times I've put pantry stuff in the fridge and vice versa.

Yesterday Chris informed me that I forgot to flush the toilet in the morning...and I'm sure it wasn't pretty, lol.

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Went to the store and completely forgot the three things I went there to buy. I bought out the rest of the freakin store, just not anything I actually went there for.

I do this all the time! I so need a list.

I also go downstairs to get something, and then by the time I get down there, I've forgotten what I was meaning to do!

I routinely forget a word I want to say, or say the wrong word.

Right now, I immediately have to put everything in my blackberry otherwise I'll never keep track of what I need to get done!

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Pregnancy brain - oh boy the moments!

While trying to explain to hubby about going down a road and wondering if the scoop truck was gonna stop I explained it as "that road, you know, the one that's by Chappy? And that scoop truck thingy, I dunno what it is, but that's what it is" to which he replied with something rediculous teasing me.

A few weeks ago when we went to the circus, I thought it would be a great idea to bring both our digital cameras, and since our old one has 2 batteries, I needed to find the charger for it to charge them up (It's a different charger than the newer digital). Anyways, I literally tore this house apart. Moved the furniture, emptied the junk drawers in the kitchen, searched hubbies and my computer desk x amount of times etc, and could not find it. Looked on my desk one more time only to see it was sitting right where I knew it was - on the very top of my desk by my bear hubby bought me. I swear I looked there a bunch of times and just never seen it!! I was so happy to have found it - till I turned around and saw the mess I created looking for it LOL!

While talking to someone on the phone about my son to see if we could get extra services/evaulation on him, she kept asking me stuff that I knew the answers to but couldn['t spit them out, all i did was stutter. Talk about embarassing!

I too have done the I'm making/preparing something and look around for something only to see that it's right infront of me or my hand.

A really bad one was when I went out somewhere and had a brief moment of totally NOT remembering where I had to go and why I was going there! :eek:. I drive around town not remembering why I was out and what store I had to go to. It was only the dollar store I had to go to for a couple things, so nothing too important but gosh, talk about sitting around thinking going out is dangerous lol.

OH here's a really funny one!!! Someone in town was selling plus sized maternity wear, and I had nothing for summer. Was hoping to find a pair of shorts or something, so I got her address. It was 104. Well I told hubby we were going to 104 Taylor Ave. By the time we got to Taylor Ave, both he and I forgot, so i said, oh, we're going to 140 Taylor Ave. OMG, I get there, and its some little old lady asking what I wanted! ROFLMAO ROFL :ROFL:. So here's me, standing there looking dumbfounded saying "Oh, she told me 140" Can you imagine going to an OLD LADYS house looking for maternity clothing? Hubby and I laughed about that for forever. Then when I got to the womans house after I called her to get the proper number, I said sorry but I ended up having a pregnancy moment and went to 140 - its an old lady that lives there and thought I was nuts. The girl even thought it hilarious! ROFL

I've had other moments similar to other's posted, or just repeat things like forgetting words etc. But the maternity clothing insident was by far the funniest ever.

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Im worst when at work, they laugh at me cause Ill wander around the office and completely forget what I was in there for. SOmetimes I'll come in put something down, walk out, come right back and cant remember where I had just put it.:eek:

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Oh I wish I could have the time to type them all. LOL! I have had some crazy preggo brain moments. It really hurts me at work when I forget that a patient asked for ice or something. It's like they never asked. LOL!