Prepping for Baby...

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Prepping for Baby...

So this weekend I (along with a little help from DH) finally got around to doing some prepping for baby girl. We sorted through all the tubs of clothes in the basement from DS and DD1 and pulled out all the girlie clothing/gender neutral stuff from nb-6 months. I picked out the main baby toys too. I brought the infant carseat and stroller that goes with it up to the garage so I can strip and wash them this week. And I made a registry at BRU just to keep track of those few things we need to get [like new bottle nipples (even though I plan on BF'ing, I really want to get this lo to take a bottle of EBM too) and dropins and a cradle sheet and stuff] before baby is here. I'm so excited to start washing/cleaning everything this week! Smile I also ordered the diaper bag I had posted about earlier this week. The kids are really starting to get excited about the new baby now that they see us starting to get things ready for her arrival. It's starting to sink in that we will be a family of 5 in less than two months now!

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My husband and I were just talking about that this weekend. We know he's coming but we've been a family of four for over four years so it's going to be a bit of change to going to becoming a family of 4.

I actually bought one of those diaper bags you posted about too. I want more than one and I was intrigued and figured I would since it was on sale. I got the exotic one. We'll see how I like it. I think I am going to buy my Carter's bag this week too. I'll be excited once my shower comes and goes because then we can finish buying what we need/don't need, and then it will be really "real."

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I need to get on it! I told dh today that it's entirely possible we only have 2 more paychecks before baby comes Lol Yikes! I still have so much left that I want to do. I made 32 weeks my goal to have everything done but maybe that will be when I really kick myself into gear? Blum 3 Cause I can't see getting everything we need done in the next week and a half...boy that snuck up on me!

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I did some furniture moving today (with the help of DH, of course ;)).

WE now have room in the bedroom for the bed side co-sleeper.. just have to put it together again. Smile

I mostly did a bunch of moving junk out of the baby's room to make room for the big furniture pieces that DH moved in so that we'd have room in ours for the co-sleeper. Then when we were all done I moved all that junk right back into the nursery. So I didn't really make a lot of progress in there, but at least we have space to put the baby's bed. Lol