The Pressure!!

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The Pressure!!

WOW..... I've never felt such pressure in my life! Im dialated to 4cm as of my last dr apt last wed. He feel so low walking is almost impossible. I thought the round ligament was horrible.. With the pressure as well, It's down right torture! Ive also been having contractions on and off for the past week but not regular ones. Several a day though. I never experianced this with my other two boys. Matter of fact I was induced at 42 weeks with my oldest and never progressed past 3cm even with pitocin. I stayed stuck at 3 for 7hrs. Does extreme pressure mean dialation??

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It very well might mean dilation... Maybe he'll just fall out with no pushing when labor starts. Wink Oh to only be so lucky. Hoping either the pressure lets up or sends you to L&D soon.

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I always wondered about that! I hope so!

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I have no idea but i hope it sends u into labor or gives u some relief!!!

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crossing my fingers for you. 4cm was when it got REALLY painful for me at the end. Then I went from 4-pushing in less than an hour.


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Well Im a csection mommy so Im just flat out confused on this whole thing. I have an apt wed hopefully she can tell me something cause jeeze it hurts so bad! I am hoping my last two weeks go Im so ready to start the healing process..

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Pressure definitely does not mean dialation. I had horrible pressure with DD (she was my third, I never had it with my boys), so much so that by the time I was in my last few weeks I begged my OB to induce me! She did end up letting me be induced at 39 weeks, but I was only 2 CM. I was actually at 5CM with DS#2 when I went in for my 39 week, 3 day appt and hadn't had any pressure or contractions whatsoever... so you just never know. It safe to say you could go any day being that far dialated and being so uncomfortable. I know my doc admits you once you're at 5CM, especailly if you're a BTDT mom, because if your water were to break you might not make it to the hospital! Good luck!

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Sorry about the pressure. I've got a lot of it too but no contractions to show for it. Hopefully all the pressure does mean something for you.