pretty bitter kinda ot.

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pretty bitter kinda ot.

First off congrates to all the mama's who have had their lil ones Smile
Altho I haven't posted a ton last week I have tried to read posts and see how u all are doing.
Well to start off Kessler moved breech somewhere between last tues and today altho thinking it was yesterday cause he moved a lot yesterday and it really hurt Sad looks like a c section for me going back for a u/s to confirm they won't turn him due to the damage I have from my first pregnancy (utetrus damage) drs say he is messuring the (30 percentileimn kinda bummed but I think I am feeling a bit derpressed. Last wks appts at the hospital were shear hell and exhausting altho we did get a partial diagnosis for skyler. Also my friend who's son has autism called me yesterday cause I was the only special needs mama she know she is one of my best friends I have given her lots of resouces about having a sn kiddo and I love her to death but she got the diagnosis yesterday and already getting help for her son tommorrow he son is high functioning and has only started having problems in june yet my son who doesn't have asd and had tried to kill himself been kicked outta schools and in and out psych hospitals doesn't get funfing or help? I have re morgaged my house spent thousands amd relocated cities to get my son resouces which I pay outta pocket and skyler struggles a lot more than her son. Yet because my sons condsition is rare he doesn't get funding or the help he needs what makes a autistic kid more important than my son? Please don't think I'm a bad friend I am triing to be a good friend but all of a sudden I'm over taken by jealousy that her child gets a diagnosis and funding after a few months and after yrs of fighting for sky the goveerment keeps slamming doors in my face. I'm going to stop typing cause now I'm hysterically criing. Thanks for listening to my crazy rant . Sorry if this doesn make sense . I justy needed to get this off my chest and I'm typing it out on my cell phone

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First off, huge hugs :bigarmhug:

Sorry to hear that baby turned breech and you have to have a c-section. Maybe he'll still turn?

I totally understand why you feel the way you feel about your friend and her son. It's hard to be an advocate for a special needs child and the system is really messed up.

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I'm so sorry you are dealing with all of this right now. :bigarmhug:

Hopefully your LO will flip back for you.

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HUGS... I can't imagine the pain of not being able to get your son the help he needs just because of a "title"...

Really hoping your baby flips back on his own.

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I can understand why you are so upset. Big hugs!

Hope that baby turns back head down!

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I'm so sorry you're dealing with all this right now...I can't imagine the frustration you must feel trying to get Sky the help he needs. You really are a great mum for working so hard for him!

Try to relax, try to breathe, you don't need the stress right now. I really hope LO turns for you.

Remember we're always here for your vents!

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I'm sorry baby turned breech, hopefully hell flip back around. It is really frustrating how it seems certain people get all the help & others get screwed....its not fair