Probably one of the last this time.

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Probably one of the last this time.

So, when I was pregnant with DD, I was on the June '09 board. My due date was May 30th, so I figured in June was where I would end up. I was among the first several moms who had their June babies. This time around, on the September board here, I will probably be one of the last.

I am starting to get very anxious at seeing all of these little sapphires being born now! How in the world am I going to contain myself until the 26th??!!!

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I've assumed the whole pregnancy that I will go over my due date into October. I don't want to get to my due date and start going crazy b/c the baby isn't here.

I was at the end of the month with dd, too. I was due feb. 27th, induced on the 18th.

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I was due the end of the month with DS... Feb. 25th. He was born on the 24th... it was crazy how many mamas had their babies before me (we had a Nov., a Dec., and several Jan. babies!)... and I felt the same way.

This time around... I'm due on the 12th... better, yes! But, I still think I'll deliver later that week... closer to the 16th. It is so hard to sit around and see all the lovely new baby faces, eh?

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I was due September 25th with DD, and she was born October 2nd. I knew people (IRL) who were due in November who still had their babies either before me, or within a day or two of me. It made me crazy at the time. This time I'm trying to be more patient, which is why I opted for the September board over the August board. But it's still kind of depressing to me that even though I'm due August 31st, he could potentially not be born until the MIDDLE of September. It just feels like it's never going to happen!

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I am due At the beginning of the month and I am still jealous!

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I get the jellies when I hear people are having their babies,lol but I suppose I am jumping the gun a bit because I am still in the 37th week. I hope he comes though in the 39th week.

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I'm right there with you! I'm due the 25th and I'm going crazy watching the babies come! With DS i was the last person on the Feb09 board to have there baby. the little stinker went 40+1 and i have a feeling that this LO will to the same thing. the only plus side this time is that my moms birthday is the 26th and it would be kinda cool to have her on my moms bday.

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Well, when I was in the hospital I never expected to make it this far and now I'm only 2 days away from the furthest I've ever been I'm getting a bit impatient myself Lol Especially with all the prelabory kinds of things going on....but yet it doesn't feel like anything is progressing. So I'm frustrated, especially since during the day nothing seems to happen and it all goes on at night, which has meant no sleep.

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well, I am due september 30 and my last two were 8 days late, so I am thinking I may pull up the rear. I was on May 2010 and had dd on June 8th and was well after everyone else-oh well!