QOTD: 10/14/11 Friday

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QOTD: 10/14/11 Friday

What is your favorite thing about your little one?

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Right now, I am totally enjoying all of his little grunts and snorts. All those sweet little newborn sounds will be gone forever before I know it!!!

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I don't know, he's just so cute. I love his hair, and his cute little face and how perfectly sized he is for sleeping on my chest and his big huge whole body smiles.

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I love how fuzzy, soft, cuddly and how they smell after a bath. I love he top of newborns heads. They are so perfect!

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I love that he will snuggle with me and sleep in my arms- DD was not a snuggler!

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I love the little grunting noise she makes when she wants to nurse. And how content she is snuggling on my chest.

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I love that she is my girl that I never thought I'd get and that she had red hair, to boot!

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The many faces he makes. My little one is quite a bit younger than yours but his little faces are just adorable.

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I love snuggle time....x2!

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Yes yes yes to all of the above!

(Love this post, btw. Great idea!)

One current favorite thing is the way she coos, especially if it's accompanied by a giant smile. Makes it seem like she's laughing!

Another favorite thing is how alert she is when she's awake. She focuses so intently on whatever catches her interest (the wall, a light, exciting stuff like that), like she is trying to soak up every bit of information she can to store away and process.

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When I talk to her she looks at me as if I'm awesome.....lol seriously though, the look on her face is so intense. It's so cute.

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I love her faces. I love her hair. I love her long fingers. I love how she looks like Popeye when I'm about to feed her.

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where to start? i love her big blue eyes, i love it when she smiles at me, watching her sleep, kissing her cute little toes, rubbing her head, i even love to hear her scream Biggrin my favorite time with her is when we are laying in bed and she is nuzzled up in the nookof my arm sleeping...i love being a mamma Biggrin

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I love the "talking" and smiling. I love how I can put him on his playmat and he stares at the lights and kicks and coos. I love how he loves to cuddle with me in bed and sleep with me. I can't pick out just one thing. I just love him!

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The way he looks at us Smile I could stare in his eyes forever!
the little noises he makes Smile

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His dimples Smile

The way I make his hair stick straight up- maybe I have too many cats because I find myself petting the top of his head- hahahaha- his hair is so soft!

His chunky cheeks, his chicken legs, his little mouth when he makes his little 'o' shape and looks around...

I'm in love. He makes it very very easy though!