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QOTD 12/12

How are you doing on your holiday shopping?

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Almost done. I still need to get stocking stuffers and DH a gift, although I have no idea what to get him. We still need to decorate our tree and house...we are a little more busy then we were last year!

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I was doing great, I'm done buying for the kids. I have yet to buy for any adults though. We need to get our siblings and parents done. I know what I'm getting my mom and our siblings...but still need ideas for my dad and dh's parents

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Mandi, I'm where you are. We went this weekend and bought gifts for the boys and for our niece and nephew. We still have our parents left, bil and sil, and the people we picked in our exchange with my family. I also still have Chris but he says he doesn't want anything so he's not helpful.

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I think I'm done. I ordered the last thing today so hopefully it gets here in time!

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DH watched all three kids for me yesterday afternoon while I headed out and finished off the last of my shopping. Had to get his presents still... think I am completely finished now. The hard part is not buying any more now! We mailed packages off to all our family Saturday... so, now I just have to wrap everything and we will be good to go!

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I am mostly done. Still need to buy for DH's parents (and have no idea what to get his mum) and my brother. Kids, nephews, DH, my family all done. Oh, and some stocking stuffers. I agree, not buying anymore is the hard part.

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"nori_garsi" wrote:

I also still have Chris but he says he doesn't want anything so he's not helpful.

My DH is the same way! So frustrating trying to shop for the man.

I have probably everything I'll get for the girls, and I got something for DH. We celebrated with ILs over Thanksgiving, so they are all done. Framed a pic of the girls for my parents.

At some point next week I will get more stocking stuffer stuff, and something for a couple nephews.

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I'm done. Well, except for finishing the scarf that I'm knitting for my brother. I have almost everything wrapped. Not looking forward to finishing the wrapping, though.

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All done- trying hard not to spend any more!

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My shopping was super easy this year. I sent DH off on his deployment with his presents (all small enough to fit in a shoe box), and my present was my trip to see both families with the baby. I got my parents and DH's parents the same thing, a really nice woven blanket with the emblem for DH's boat on it. I am not getting anything for Jacob, and I plan to pick up something small for my older boys once I get down there or have it shipped to my parents house (so I don't have to pack it lol). So I have a couple more things to get but they're easy.

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i have literally a handful of people to get gifts for this year. Friday we go shopping at the mall. yey!!!!

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I am almost done except for curtis's stocking i have no idea what to put in it. ( i wish there was a real santa so i didnt have to do it lol Wink )