QOTD #2: Pacifiers/Thumbs?

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QOTD #2: Pacifiers/Thumbs?

How does your Sapphire soothe him/herself? Pacifier? Thumb? Other?

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Well, he doesn't really soothe himself yet but I'm encouraging the pacifier. Sometimes he'll take it, sometimes he won't. This morning he was trying really hard to suck his thumb but his hand was in a fist and he couldn't just get his thumb Lol

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DD1 loved the pacifier, and it helped her a lot when she was small. We dropped it around 8-9 months (we lost her main one and by the time we found it, she didn't seem to need it). Never went for her thumb.

DD2 won't really take a paci. Occasionally she'll take it for a minute or two, but then gets ticked that it isn't a boob. Biggrin She has found her thumb several times, though. I wonder if she will be intentional about that as she gets older?

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with Skyler i refused to use a soother and he never sucked his thumb I said I would do the same with Kesler but that went out the window when I got sick and Curtis bought him a soother (pacifer) it has been a life saver!!

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DS's #1 & 2 I forced the binky (pacifier) on them (they didn't like them at first) and then they both had trouble losing it. #1 was 2.5 when we exchanged it for frozen teethers shaped like keys. We called them binky pops. He'd be okay during the day (for the most part) and whenever he'd ask for one (usually at bed time) we'd say "sorry, we don't have any binkies. Do you want a Binky Pop?" It worked. Smile #2 just got rid of his in June, so 2.5 years again. This time we just trashed it and didn't give him one when he asked (again, mostly at bed time).

DD Evie likes hers, but won't take it if she doesn't need it. I'm not forcing it on her. I offer it to her when she's clearly hungry and I want a little more time before I feed her, but she usually just spits it back out. She has it when she's fussy cause she's sleepy. I'm hoping she will be like my niece and just stop using it around 6-8 months old. When she was born, she came out with a blister on her wrist and one on her hand from where she was sucking on it in the womb. I thought, for sure, that she'd be a fist sucker, but it just pisses her off when she has it. Lol

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We're offering a pacifier - our thinking is it's better than a thumb because 1) it can be somewhat protective against SIDS and 2) we can take it away when she gets older.

She's not a huge fan of it though, and usually goes to sleep without it, so Im happy about that!

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Shaylynn takes a pacifier. I am all for them taking a pacifier, and I think if she didn't have a pacifier she would be a thumb sucker. She has already found her thumb a few times and I would rather give a pacifier because it can be taken away.

Mason took a pacifier, but by 1 year he only had it at nap time and bed time, and we got rid of it all together at about 15 months.

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DD loved the pacifier- she had a really strong suck and wanted to suck all the time, so giving her the pacifier was a lifesaver. Ronan will occasionally take the pacifier, but he's not as into it as Catie was. He does really like to suck on his hands, and we even saw him sucking his thumb in an ultrasound, so I think he's going to lean in that direction.

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Kendra takes a pacifier. we didnt like the idea at first, but its a life saver at times. plus like you all said, we can take it away. so far she has no interest in her digits, unless she is hungary.

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Neither here. She's really laid back and only fusses if she is hungry or has a dirty diaper.

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Thalia has one paci that she really likes. It has come I'm handy many times tho I try not to give it to her when she's hungry cause I heard it can get in the way of their intake? Just in the last day or two I noticed she's been reaching for and sucking on her fingers more often.

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No binkie or thumb! On occasion, he may get his fingers/thumb, but it's not on any sort of regular basis Smile

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Brandon never had a paci and I didn't want to use one this time around, but...CJ has an insane suck reflex and it's very soothing for him. He took to the paci right away and if he doesn't have one he'll use whatever he can find.