QOTD: Halloween

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QOTD: Halloween

Sorry I haven't been posting these for a while. Things have been so crazy and CJ doesn't want to be put down ever, lol.

How was everyone's Halloween? Feel free to post pics, hint hint Wink

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ours was okay, but the kids had a blast and that's what matters, right?

this is the best picture I have. Jacob's got chapped skin on his chin and Daniel has chocolate on his face, and you can barely see Evie. Oh well. :rolleyes:

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We didn't do much of anything... at all! We didn't get a single trick-or-treater, which was weird. I was going to take DD trick-or-treating (it would have been her first time), but after we ate dinner she announced she was going to bed, and was asleep within 10 minutes, so that didn't happen. But over the weekend we went to a Halloween/birthday party, which was a lot of fun. The kids all had a great time running around in their costumes, and my friend (it was her son's birthday party) made chili, candy apples, caramel popcorn, etc. etc. plus the usual Halloween candy. I ate way too much. I don't have a picture on the computer at the moment, but DD wore her Snow White costume. It is beautiful- her grandparents got it for her when they were at Disney World (and spent way more on it than I ever would have... that's what grandparents are for, right? ;-)) Ronan didn't have a costume... next year!

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Ours was good. DD1 got a bag full of candy that ofcourse I am now eating (plus the candy that we had left over from trick-or-treaters, working on a belly ache!). My daughter was a snow princess with fairy wings that we threw in! She was really cute. I didn't dress the twins because they are still too small, but I bought them both "My first Halloween" shirts and Bradley got a pumpkin hat (Kaylees head is still too small!). The weather was really nice here so that was great(it was snowing last year).

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This was our first year trick-or-treating (DD is 4). We hit about two blocks, and DD enjoyed it, but after the 2nd block, she asked if we could go home, because she was tired! Now to keep her from eating all her candy at once.. The rule here is one piece of candy per day, and she tends to end up eating it right after breakfast because she just can't wait till later! lol

DD1 was Cinderella, DD2 was a chili pepper, and I threw on an apron. Voila, chef costume!

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We had to scale way back this year but we still had a good Halloween. On Saturday we took the boys to Boo at the Zoo and on Sunday we carved pumpkins. They had a carnival at preschool yesterday and then we took the boys out last night. This was Brandon's second year tot...I think we were out about an hour last night. Brandon was Captain America, CJ was Spiderman, and mommy was Superman. CJ had a few outfits we received as gifts though so he was also Winniee-the-Pooh.

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We went out trick or treating with sum friends Skyler had a blast he was captin rex from star wars and Kesler wore a fuzzy sleeper that had bear ears on it..

ofcourse skyler is pointing his weapon at the camera
but it was the only pic where they were both remotely looking at the camera lol!

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I had a great time, I went to a friends house for dinner with several families. There was 4 mom's and I think we counted 12 kids in the house at one time lol! Talk about crowded house! We took a bunch of the kids out trick or treating and I took Jacob with us, all dressed up, but we didn't get any candy, I just came along for the walk and to watch my friends kids go wild. It was a great time, even tho the weather kept getting colder and colder in the time we were out lol!

Here's Jacob in his costume:

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Awww love all the pics, I'll post pics after Smile

Our halloween wasn't too bad. It rained a bit but stopped after we got out, and it wasn't even really cold. The kids got quite a bit but not as much as we usually see, seemed alot of people just didn't bother handing out this year, but we still got quite a bit, enough that hubby and I can comfortably snack away when we want Wink

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All of the baby pics are making me smile!

We had a really good Halloween even though Hubby was out of town. The kids got to go to the Fall Festival the week before at my 1st grader's school- so they wore their costumes there and then got to wear them again for Halloween. Flynn was a skeleton (from Walmart- LOL) and the younger boys were Darth Vader and Anakin Skywalker, while my daughter was a cat. We went to a safe street type trick or treating- which isn't the most exciting and doesn't have the most atmosphere, but the kids still enjoy it and get candy.

I miss the good ol' days though!