QOTD- Monday 12/5/11

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QOTD- Monday 12/5/11

When do you open Chrismtas presents? Christmas Day or Christmas Eve?

We do all of ours Christmas morning... the stockings before breakfast and the rest after breakfast.

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Except for the jammies "Santa" brings on Christmas Eve so we'll stay warm, we open everything on Christmas morning, at the same time.

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We do stockings Christmas Eve (before Mass), then the rest of the gifts Christmas morning.

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"nori_garsi" wrote:

Except for the jammies "Santa" brings on Christmas Eve so we'll stay warm, we open everything on Christmas morning, at the same time.

Same, they get new jammies to open and wear the next morning and then stockings and presents on Christmas morning.

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We have a birthday party for Jesus after Christmas Eve service at church (5pm) Then the girls open presents after His party. We have cake, read the bible story, and celebrate His birth by opening presents. We visit both sets of grandparents on Christmas day so we do our own thing on Christmas Eve. Smile

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Starting the first year we had DD1, Christmas morning is ours. No travelling, no seeing anyone else. So we do stockings first, may or may not have breakfast, and then presents. In the afternoon we either go to my parents (1 hour away) or DH's parents (5 min away). Last year we did christmas day with my family, this year it will be with his, and going to my parents on boxing day.

When we go to my parents we stay the night, but the nice thing about DH's is parents is we have nap at home, and then head over there for dinner and presents. SIL can't get there any sooner, they have 4 kids at home and do breakfast with her inlaws that morning too. And then after dinner when all the nephews are melting down, we go home and are there in 5 minutes!

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Stockings are filled tonight for St. Nick Smile so the kids will get that stuff tomorrow morning.
Our presents will be opened on Christmas morning. When all the kids don't believe in Santa anymore we might do Christmas Eve, that's what my parents did and it was nice...especially for them since then they could sleep in on Christmas morning Lol

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same we open jammies the nite b4 tooo!!
then we open the rest xmas morning

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We have so many Christmases here because we celebrate with different people at different times. But "our" family Christmas at home is done early before Christmas because we will be in Colorado at my Grandma's on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day. We do presents from us one night and Santa and stockings the next morning, but a few days before we head to Colorado. We open presents on Christmas Eve at my Grandma's with that part of the family. Then we usually have a small Christmas with my sister and my cousin when we can all manage to get together (we all live in the same city), and we already had our Christmas with my parents because we went there for Thanksgiving and my Mom didn't want to have to haul all the presents to my Grandma's and then us have to try to fit everything in the car to bring back at once.

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We open ours Christmas morning. As a kid, DH was allowed to open stocking stuff when they woke up and I think it was a ploy so his parents could sleep later Smile I always had to wait until after breakfast and because we had our turkey at 2 pm, I also had to wait until the turkey was in the oven.

So far we have been waiting until after breakfast but this is our first Christmas where we have a child who understands the Santa/present aspect so it might be harder to make her wait.

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We open everything on Christmas AM Biggrin

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we have a divided household, kinda. We always get Brianna a cutsey jammies or slippers or something warm and cozy that she can open xmas eve. this year i found adorable knitted socks that have buttons and ribbon and are colorful and go up to her knees. We open presents in the am with brianna, and then with his son and my parents in the afternoon.

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Following my family tradition (my hubby is awesome for going along with it!) we have a light meal at midnight Christmas Eve (after "Midnight Mass") of Portuguese sausage (linguica) and scrambled eggs, and open presents and stockings. My parents told us we couldn't open our presents if we fell asleep during Midnight Mass (back when it actually was at midnight!) it was great incentive Smile

DH and I live too far from family so Christmas day is usually a very low key day for us, I make a ham and all the fixings, we watch movies, and play with our new goodies.

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"nori_garsi" wrote:

Except for the jammies "Santa" brings on Christmas Eve so we'll stay warm, we open everything on Christmas morning, at the same time.

This is what we do as well..

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I'm way late on this, but I'm answering anyway :-). We open presents on Christmas morning. We do stockings, then eat breakfast, then the presents under the tree. Before kids, DH and I used to open one present each on Christmas Eve, mostly because he was impatient ;-).