QOTD: Names

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QOTD: Names

How did you choose your kid's name(s)?

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We wanted to use DH initials for a boy and My initials for a girl. DH is JMM and I am MSM. So we have Joshua Michael and Maya Sophia.

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With my oldest I found the name Cianna (actually I really liked Gianna but we thought it'd be mispronounced a lot, not that Cianna isn't) and I really liked it, dh liked the meaning and so we had her name! Her middle name is Marie, just like me, my mom, my godmother and a whole lot of other women in my family.
Our second is Sofia, I just heard it one day when our oldest was a baby and just loved it. Grace is also a name I just loved but it was really popular at that point so I wanted Sofia as a first name...if only I had known how popular Sofia/Sophia would get Lol So she's Sofia Grace. I still love her name, popular or not. DH did not have a choice, I told him that day if we had another girl at some point she would be Sofia Grace Lol we didn't even really talk about it when we found out she was a girl.
#3 is Josiah, I wanted a strong biblical name that wasn't weird but also wasn't very popular. I liked the name but wasn't sure how dh would. One day his mom suggested it, another day his sister suggested it (not knowing his mom already had)...we just weren't sure until the birth. DH prefered the name Isaiah, I prefered Josiah (though I *really* wanted Jack but dh was an adament no on that one from the start) and dh toyed with the idea of a Jr. After her was born dh said 'let's name him Josiah', his middle name is Anthony which is dh's name. DH has his dad's first name as his middle, his dad has his dad's first name as his middle, ect.
With Isaiah we still had it on the table from DS1...I thought it was way too close to DS1's name to actually use it so I fought for other names (mainly Ezra Lol ) but ultimately when we he was a day old we were torn between Lucas and Isaiah. Lucas being my pick. I told dh it was up to him since I pretty much named the other 3 and he obviously picked Isaiah. His middle name is David, which is DH's dad's name. Honestly if it wouldn't be a major PITA to change his name I'd love to switch it to Lucas still Lol I just can't get used to his name and mess it up with DS1's all the time.

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Originally we were thinking of naming our kid(s) after family members, but we don't have a lot to work with. (As much as we love our grandparents, we won't be naming any of our kids Earl or Winifred.)

I like classic, Biblical names. I also like names with possibilities for nicknames. DH doesn't have many strong opinions or suggestions, so his main role was as vetoer. He does seem to prefer more trendy/modern sounding names, though.

I have long loved the name Abigail, and the nn Abby. Middle name was going to be Elizabeth, but it seemed like a lot of name for a little baby, so we shortened it to Elise when we met her. There. First name more classic, middle name more modern.

Same basic story for kid number two. Eleanor fit with my criteria, with lots of great choices for nicknames (Nell, Nora, Ellie, Lea, ...). We were watching National Treasure one night, and one of the characters in that movie is named Riley. We looked at each other and said, how about Riley as a middle name? Sold. Again, first name more classic, middle name more modern.

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from the moment i found out i was pregnant i could only wrap my head around the fact that this baby was girl. from the beginning i like the name olivia, and so we called the "baby" olivia when we referred to "her". when we found out that the baby was in fact a girl, we realized that Olivia was a very popular name so we persued other names. i liked Sophia, elizabeth and a few others, but DH fought every name i suggested. finally we both were looking at a baby name website and lovingly arguing away and DH found "kendra" and suggested it. it was the ONLY name he liked, and i liked the fact that it isnt a common name. so kendra it is.

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We named Kesler after the canucks hockey player Ryan Kesler ( we couldnt agree on any names and as a joke i texted curtis what about Kesler it was playoff season and he liked it so it stuck ) and Skyler I stole that name off my sister's baby name list Blum 3 her and her hubby were triing to concieve and they had a list of names and they made the mistake of telling me lol!
I do love the fact that my boys both have names ending in "er" and both boys middle names are after grandpas "skyler Alun" after my dad and "Kesler Edward Albert" after Curtis's dad.

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My First (Sydney) got all of her names after family members Sydney-DH grandfather, Ann after my Mom and Frances after DHs mothers middle name. As for the twins, we had a really hard time. We went with Bradley because it was a name we could agree on and went nicely with our last name and his middle name (David) is after DHs father. As for Kaylee, it was decided on 3 hrs after she was born. The only thing we knew was that her middle name was going to be Marie. We liked either Kaylee or Claire and I chose Kaylee because we will have the first initial and it went better with our last name. If my DH had his way he would have named her Claire but he said after what I went through I got to pick the name. I think that was fair!

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Oh man, the stories lol!

DS1 - He was going to be a Jr from the moment we found out he was a boy until the day before I went into labor. That night, I wake up my husband at the time in the wee hours of the morning, and told him I couldn't do a Jr. I had tried so hard for months and months to come to grips, but I couldn't do it. So we batted names around for a while and he suggested Matthew, and I immediately loved it. He liked weird names, tho he called them unique. I am definitely a traditional name kind of girl. I wanted names that people would know how to spell and pronounce, having gone my whole life having to spell my names and correcting people on my last name. We left the naming at that, because we couldn't think of a middle name, and we were leaning towards just using his dad's full name as 2 middle names. The next day, hubby called me from work and suggested using his grandfather's name, which is Burrill (pronounced like Milton Berle). I thought it sounded awesome with Matthew, so that's what he was named. I went into labor about 6 hours later lol. Oh, and a funny side story is, my hubby was going though actors names for his suggestions, and Matthew Perry popped in his head... so my son is named after Matthew Perry... yay! lol

DS2 - Hubby and I could NOT agree on a name, neither boy or girl names. After a few screaming matches over it, we agreed to table name discussion until we found out the gender. After finding out it was another boy, the name debate came up again. We literally could not agree on ANYTHING, and would get into really emotional fights over it that sometimes left me in tears. I thought we'd never find a name, so on the suggestion of a friend, he and I went into separate rooms and made a list of 10 names that we liked. Then we'd compare them, and we'd hopefully end up with a short list of names that we could then whittle down. When we compared the lists, there were only 2 names that were on both lists, Nathan and Andrew. We decided to use both, and we waited until he was born to decide if he would be Nathan Andrew or Andrew Nathan. The second he was born and we both saw him, we looked at each other and said in unison "Nathan" LOL!

DS3 - DH and I were quick to have a girl name, it was agreed before we even started TTC, but we were having a big problem with boy names. It wasn't that we fought about it, we just couldn't find anything we really LOVED. Everything was just so MEH. There are these flower shops around here that post a name-of-the-day on their billboard and anyone named that can come in and get a free rose. So one day I drove by, and it had Henry out there. I look at DH and said "I really like Henry, its cute." He kinda shrugged and said it was a nice name, but he wasn't sure he wanted to use it as a first name because it was old fashioned. I was smitten though, and tossed the name around when my friends asked me what we were thinking of, and many of them also said they didn't like it. So then DH and I were talking and I said "How about Jacob? It goes well with Henry and I think it flows great with our last name." He mulled it over for a while and agreed. Looking at him now, though, I agree that Jacob is a much more fitting name, though I do still love Henry!

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Well, we thought baby was a girl. Wink She was going to be Rebekah Therese. Blum 3

Our unofficial back up boy's name was going to be Dominic Xavier

Baby was born, it was a boy (we were shocked!!!).... one of the first things I said was "this is NOT a Dominic!!"

so he went unnamed for about 4 days while we tried to decide... after doing some research, he was born on the anniversary of the canonization of St. Damien of Molokai. So we went with Damien. Then found out that his real name was Joseph before he was St. Damien, so baby became Damien Joseph. Smile

for baby1, it was a non negotiable thing from before we got married! I said I wanted a Jonathan and a Rebekah. He didn't nix either of them. So when he was born, he became Jonathan Matthew. Smile No reason behind the matthew, it just sounded good AND we agreed on it (miracle!)... Biggrin

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All of my babes have Beatles references in their names. Molly's name came from the song Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da.

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DD's name was easy. We had it picked out when we were engaged, about 7 years before she was born! I had always wanted to name a girl Catherine Elizabeth, Catherine being my great-grandmother, Elizabeth being my middle name as well as a family name that goes back several generations on my side. I also loved the nickname Cate or Catie. But, DH has an ex-stepmother (complicated, I know) named Kathryn, so we decided that to name her Catherine would have brought up too many awkward family issues. So we compromised to Caitrin Elizabeth, Caitrin being an Irish derivative of Catherine, and we can still call her Cate/Cait/Catie.

Naming DS was completely ridiculous. I still don't know what his name is half the time because we changed it so many times toward the end of my pregnancy. It started out with DH vetoing every name that I suggested. Well, not quite, but pretty close. Ronan was my favorite from the start... another Irish name... I guess I just like the Irish names! After awhile we decided on Ronan Andrew (Andrew being DH's name). I keep thinking that this is his name, because we were calling him that for weeks at the end of the pregnancy before DH suddenly changed his mind. DH liked the name William, and while I like it, I just didn't feel like this baby was a William. Long story short, the little guy was born and we still hadn't decided. He was born at 9:44am, and around 7pm that night, when DH was getting ready to leave the hospital to go pick up DD, he said that it was time to come to a decision on the name before he went home for the night. He conceded that we could call the baby Ronan, I think because he knew I just couldn't give the name up, especially since we'd been calling him that for weeks. In the spirit of compromise, I said that DH could pick the other name, and he could decide if Ronan should be the first name or the middle name. DH decided that Ronan would be the middle name, even though that's what we're calling him. He then narrowed it down to William Ronan, Andrew Ronan, and James Ronan. We ended up with William Ronan. But I still keep forgetting and thinking that his name is Ronan Andrew! Lol!

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We couldn't find a name that fit and Chris really wanted to name the baby after himself. I was initially against it because there are so many Christophers out there but then I suggested we could call him CJ. Before he was born we decided we would either go with Christopher or Benjamin but I wanted to see him first. When I saw him I decided he was a Christopher so that was that, lol.

Oddly enough, Chris's mom thought she was going to have a girl. She had the name Tracy Renee all ready. When she had the baby and it was a boy she looked at him and the name Christopher just came right to her.

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Sophia Grace- LOVE both names and DH and I agreed instantly.

Moriah Joy- I really LOVE the name Mariah (but my husband kept thinking about Mariah Carey) So, I suggested changing the spelling. He went with it. Smile

Daniel- We originally were going to name him Joel, but decided after thinking and thinking and we both love the book of Daniel in the Bible, we should name him this. We like it and feel it is a strong name.

No creative thoughts or meanings in to our kids names, but I think they suit them well.:)

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DS1 is named in honor of my great granddad who was an amazing man in so many ways. I would go into details on how I picked it exactly and why it means so much, but I think that would turn into a 3 page reply lol!

DS2 was named by his older brother!