A question for you Breastfeeders. ;)

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A question for you Breastfeeders. ;)



I'm a breast feeding momma. Not currently, but I am excited to get to do it again.

My first I only exclusively bfed for 2 months, then it was half me have formula (my milk supply crashed) and then from that point on it was a very slow down hill. His last nursing session was at 8 months after we had been on bed time only nursing for about 2 months.

My second I exclusively bfed until 6 months when we introduced a little solid food and started a bed time bottle of formula (hoping it would help him sleep longer). I still nursed him every 2-4 hours at night until he was about 10 months old, then we did a gradual wean and were down to once at bed time when he was 12 months old. He fully weaned shortly after that.

Daniel (DS#2) is now 2.5, so about 20 months since his last nursing session.

The past few days when he gets upset about something I have the sudden urge to lift my shirt and comfort nurse him. Is that strange? I guess my nurture nature is starting to take place. I'm not sure he'd know what I was doing if I actually WERE to do it. Lol and I'm sure DH would find it inappropriate.

Anyway, can anyone relate to this, um, spontaneous instinct?

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i can totally relate Smile

My ds is 26 months as and stopped at around 20 months too. he hasn't asked for it in a long time but yesterday he tried to latch when i was getting dressed :EEK:

But i've thought a few times how easy it would be to get DS to go to sleep if i just started nursing again ROFL

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I'm sure it's normal Smile I just got done breastfeeding in March, last thing I want to do is have DS pick it up again Lol

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I stopped a year ago May (I weaned). Lately DD snuggled really closely to my chest but hasn't tried anything. I couldn't fathom having her start again (ie it would not be an option!)

Until now, I wasn't worried about it, thanks Janelle!!!:confused: (I mean that in the most endearing way Lol

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I definitely miss being able to soothe DD instantly, and getting her to go to sleep without any trouble was nice too! But I don't have the urge to nurse her now. She definitely wants to cuddle with me a lot more lately, she likes to lay on my belly (ouch!) and will snuggle up to my breasts, but I think it's more of a comfort thing, she doesn't actually try to latch or anything. I'm wondering what reaction she'll have when she sees me nursing the new baby? I've heard that toddlers sometimes regress and want to be nursed again when they see a sibling being nursed.

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Yeah, he's been extra cuddly lately, too. I think part of it is that we finally ditched the binky a couple of weeks ago. He has a stuffed animal that he sleeps with it, but he's certainly not as attached to it as he was me or his binky.

He's been orally soothed for so long, and of course now that the binky is gone, he's been chewing on his fingers or other things that I don't want him putting in his mouth, but the funny thing is that when he's in need of comfort and I'm snuggling with him, it's me that has the sudden thought of letting him latch on. He's not going in search of it or anything. :shrug:

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I BF DS1 for 13 months, and DS2 for 5 months. I regret not BFing more for DS2. Sad I was just being selfish, and just didn't "feel" like doing it anymore.

Just the other day we went to the fair and there were two baby sheep nursing on their mommy, and I told dh that I am so excited to BF again, to be like the mama sheep. lol I miss it now.

but anyway to get back to your question, yes, sometimes i wish i could nurse my boys when they are sick and cuddly. but im sure they'd look at me like "what the heck are you doing?" if i did try, because they probably dont remember BFing. lol and it probably wouldnt taste good now that they've had pop and juice lol

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"MelissaLynn13" wrote:

but im sure they'd look at me like "what the heck are you doing?" if i did try,

I'm sure I'd get that reaction from DS#2, DS#1 (cause he's not in school right now he'd be witness to it) and DH (he thinks after the child is walking that it's awkwardly inappropriate to nurse them). ROFL

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I've had those feelings for sure! And latley my ds who will be 2 next month has started to ask to nurse again, I've let him try but he can never remember how to latch lol So he goes on his merry way once he's had a try or two. I have had others around his same age do the same thing. I think both the toddler remembering the comfort of nursing & wanting to nurse, and a mama wanting to comfort her toddler by nursing are all very natural, normal emotional responses Smile

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"Chimmy" wrote:

I think both the toddler remembering the comfort of nursing & wanting to nurse, and a mama wanting to comfort her toddler by nursing are all very natural, normal emotional responses Smile

Well put. Thanks! Smile

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Kelly hasn't nursed since he turned a year and, I too, have had the urge to soothe him by nursing. I don't think he remembers what to do though. He has been very interested in my boobies when we are in the shower. He wants to poke them, but not latch on anymore. Thanks Chimmy, for making me feel better about this urge too!