a quick overview of what has happened in the last 12 days

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a quick overview of what has happened in the last 12 days

hi, first off I want to say thank you to everyone for your thoughs and prayers while I was in the hospital . I am now home!!
WEll as most of you know Kesler came a few days early it was tuesday morning the 27 of september i had some major pain in my old c section scar and was passing some blood clots. I went to my mw appt and she sent me to l&d when i got there they hooked me up I was told to call curtis as they were going to c section me asap. I went in for my c section and the ob's suspison was correct i has in the early stages of a uterine rupture my uterus was thinning behind my scar. I had a excellent experience with my birth even tho i ended up with a c section . i was able to have skin on skin in the or. and was able to try breatbeading right waay. Curtis even did skin to skin thin the recovery and skyler got to come in to the recovery and hold his baby brother. i stayed in the hospital for 3 days and went home I felt great altho had some dificulty breastfeeding due to being overly engorged (thank you too all u ladies who offered support and advice) altho sunday i woke up with a wicked headchache and spots in my eyes. i had major pain which ended up being liver pain. apparently its very rare to get pre eclampsia post partum but i got extremley high blood pressure and my organs started to fail my heart was enlarged, i had fluid around my liver and lungs, my kidneys started failing and i developed a blood clot in my lung.I was so swollen that i was 12 lbs heavier on monday than i was at 39 wks pregnant with kesler b4 my c section. I am down 21 lbs since monday :eek: .. it was very scary experience and drs said its a goood thing i had my tubes tied cause most likely my next pregnancy could be fatal for me. i am doing better now i still have headache and am on pain killers, blood thinners and 2 blood pressure meds. i feel blessed to be alive and blessed to have my lil boys. Curtis has been an amazing daddy, kesler has been supplemented with fomula as my milk has almost dried up but i am pumping and putting him on the breast and if he is still hungry then we will supplement. dont know what else to say that pretty much sums up my last 12 days.
here r a few pics

going home from hospital

big brother Skyler

first family photo

skin to skin in the O.R.

Kesler Edward Albert
7lbs 1 oz 21 inch long
sept 27 @ 4:54 pm

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My goodness, girl, you have been through the ringer! So glad you are home now and on the mend, and that you have good support.

Take it easy!

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That is so scary, but thank goodness you are okay!

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So glad you are feeling better. That had to be really scary.

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yikes! im glad that you're on the road to recovery!

How is breastfeeding going now? I know it had to have an impact.


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So glad you're recovering. we are all here for you. :bigarmhug:

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So glad you are home and doing better! How scary! I am praying that you will continue to heal. Glad Kesler is doing well!

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I Was really worried about you. My girlfriend had the same thing happen to her and we thought we were going to lose her. I love your wonderful attitude! Kudos to DH!

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Hi everyone thanks for your concern, I am doing better but being sick has taken a huge toll on my breastmilk I am only able to pump .5 oz out of both breasts and after certain med I have to wait 12 hrs b4 bf'ding its been discouraging I put him on when I can but with being so sick I find my skin really aches soo its still quite painful. I find it quite depressing that I can't fill him up he will be on the brest for a hour and then screaming cause he is hungry again. I'm triing to stay positive that things will turn around but I am defenitly struggling.
Thanks again

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wow. how scary! i'm so glad you are both home and doing well!

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I'm so sorry you've had to go through such an ordeal, but I'm so glad to hear you're on the mend. I hope the bf issues get better for you ; I've been dealing with them myself and it's really hard when you can't seem to give them what they need. Hugs.

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