A quick post to fill u ladies in

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A quick post to fill u ladies in

Hi happy new years ladies, thank u all for the beautiful cards . Well as most of u know I had started back breastfeeding working with my health nurse and LC 2 xs a week. Well it was going fairly well but I have had to stop breastfeeding again as I my bp has spiked back up I am back on meds and meet with the specialists next wk to discuss kidney intervention. But I keep telling myself atleast kesler got a extra few wks of bm. My ppd has flared back up as I have been in a lotta pain and very frustrated I have to give up bfding again. Kesler is on meds for his reflex so hopefully it will start to feel better soon. For lil guy. He weighs 16 lbs 14oz and 25 in long he is growing. Thats about all. Sorry I havent posted much latley been super busy but I do try to get online at least once a day to catch up.
Take care Jen

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I'm sorry to hear about the PPD, did you have it with your first child as well? I'm sorry to hear you had to stop BF but you gave your little one a great start!! Kesler sure is a great weight, take care! Smile

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Thanks no I didn't have it with sky. They think I got it so sevre because of my post partum complications. But I joined a ppd support group and its really helping.

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PPD support group sounds awesome. That's something that I really could have benefited from. I had it mildly with all three of my kids and I'm not one to jump to meds straight away, so I forced my friends and family into becoming my support group (well, they were happy to help, honestly) but to have an actual group of ladies who have been there-done that, or are going through it right along side you is wonderful!

I am sorry you are having such a hard time recovering from the delivery. I've been reading your posts on facebook and praying for you.

Do you know yet what kind of interventions they might try?

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I'm so sorry you had to give up bf'ing. Sad Make sure you take the time to mourn that, if you don't recognize when you need to mourn your ppd may get even worse.

BUT I personally think you are AWESOME for making this far! GO YOU!

Will you have BP and kidney problems the rest of your life or is this something that is curable?

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I'm so sorry you had to go back on meds and give up bf'ing. You've had such a rough time post-partum. I'm glad to hear the support group is helping some. Huge hugs and hopefully things will start to get better soon.

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I'm sorry about the ppd and giving up bfing but you should proud of all your hard work. Most ppl would have gave up but you kept trying. Glad that your support group is helping:bigarmhug:

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thanks ladies, your right joni I need to mourn the bf'ding I have beeen talking to my support group about it but I still cry when giving him a bottle its getting better but still hard. And the support group has been a great source of support. The dr is talking about a lasix treatment I tried googling but there is differnt types and the dr didn't say much so I will be deffinitley asking the specialist . They say with in about 6 mnths I should be back to normal but there is a chance that my kidneys could have perment damage.but we are staying positive.I don't know much more but will update as soon as I kknow more. Thanks again for your encouiraging words and prayers.