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Quick Update

Hi ladies!
I've been trying to stop in and keep up with everyone, but it's been busy so I haven't posted as much as usual.

Just thought I'd post a quick update on my little man!
Ronan is doing great! He is such a sweet little guy. He is very happy and smiley all the time, and he is such a mama's boy! He adores his big sister and loves to hang out with daddy as well. He is still teething (started around three months and no teeth yet... ugh) but with the exception of an occasional bad day, it doesn't seem to bother him too much.
He is rolling, sitting unassisted (for at least five minutes or so until he gets bored and flops over! Lol!), and almost crawling. This kid LOVES to be on his tummy. He spends almost all his time on his tummy, so he's gotten really good at scooting around. Now he is getting up on all fours and rocking, and taking one crawling "step" (for lack of a better term) before he falls back down to his tummy, so I don't think it will be long. He loves to "chat" with you and he loves to growl. When you growl back he cracks up. He is super ticklish and has a great laugh! Unfortunately, he is still not sleeping through the night, and when you pair that with big sister getting up really early... well, this is one tired mommy.

He had his six month check up yesterday (a little late, since he's 6 1/2 months) and he was 17 lbs 5 oz, and 26.9". The doctor was really happy with how he's doing. We started him on solid foods when he turned six months, but he's not that into it yet. He is gradually getting more interested in it. We are still nursing, and that's going well. Overall, he's just a happy guy!

Here are a couple of relatively recent pictures:


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thanks for the update. He is so cute. Brad loves to growl too, and he taught his sister how to do it and now they growl at each other. Your baby was born the same day as the twins so I always wondering how he's doing! Glad to hear he is doing so well.