Quick update on us...

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Quick update on us...

I was discharged from the hospital on Saturday. Thalia is still there. She was born right at the cut off point for weight at the hospital, 1800grams but went down the first day to 1696g, then up the second day to 1731. The third day they started fazing out formula and mostly giving her my breast milk so she went down again to 1710, the fourth day, which was last nights weigh in she was back up to 1770. Other than being small she is doing well on all other aspects. She is hitting all of their markers and expectations. Right now she is exclusively being bottle fed my breast milk. She usually drinks 45ccs at a time (their schedule is every 3 hours) but she has drank as much as 60ccs in one sitting. She's doing so well the hospital was going to discharge her yrsteday. They had everything all set but she failed the car seat test. My SO and I were devastated.
AFM I'm trying to get as much rest as I possibly can while pumping every 3 hours, I'm up to 2oz on each side now! Thalias supply at the hospital is always stocked. The first few days were real though on me, I was having a lot of contractions from pumping and bf that rivaled the real thing. Also I still have terrible swelling in my feet and legs, even worse that when I was pg, sometimes it's hard to walk. For now I'm focused on getting our little peanut home.

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I agree about the after pains during nursing/pumping.

I'm happy that Thalia is doing well. Did you have the option of the car bassinet instead of a car seat? We were told that was an option at our NICU if they failed the car seat test but met all the other criteria.

Hope she can come home soon!

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HUGS! Glad to hear Thalia is eating well... Hoping she can some home real soon and that your swelling goes down as well.

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Hugs, hang in there, momma, she'll be home in your arms soon and this will all be a memory.

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Afterpains can be awful!
I hope Thalia can come home soon, she sounds close!

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This is such a wonderful update! I hope she is on her way soon!

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Hang in there Sonia. Hopefully Thalia will be home with you soon.

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Girls, I must say she is absolutely adorable. I'm so glad she is doing well.

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Thalia was sent home today with us. We're so excited. She's still 30 grams shy of 4 pounds but she's doing really great. Still eating a lot and so far very well behaved. Tomorrow we meet with her pediatrician. One thing I found out from her discharge paperwork is that she scored a 9 on the Apgar on all three. She's really our gift from God. I will sneak a pic of her in here so you guys can see her. Crazy birth story coming soon!

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She'll gain those 30 grams before you now it. My little Joe was sent home at 3lbs 12oz. Before I knew it, he was 6, 7, 8, lbs.......

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So glad that you got to bring her home and that you're all doing well! The after pains are awful- I'm having a tough time with those myself.

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Wow! Glad she is home with you. I couldn't imagine caring for such a tiny little peanut. I thought DS was tiny at 6 lbs. 15 oz. Glad you all are doing well.