Random Thoughts before the weekend...

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Random Thoughts before the weekend...

So I consider myself officially in the 2nd trimester now (I count it as after 13 weeks 3 days, real technical, LOL) And I cannot wait for Monday to hurry up and get here so that we can have another peek at our LO.

We found the HB with the doppler on 3/19 (yey) but haven't been able to find it again for the past 3-4 days now Sad so seeing him (or her) on Monday and knowing everythings ok will bring some relief to this little tinge of anxiety I am having.

I recently had a dream the tech at our NT scan Monday decided to give us a guess at the gender and said it was a boy. I have a feeling it is and NO ONE has said that it's a girl. NO ONE, which is weird. Let's see... According to this my co-worker said that it's a girl because you always dream the opposite of what it is.

On another front, nausea is back and vomitting (great) but not as bad as week 11. Week 11 I threw up like 5 times in one week (my record) I feel like a blimp although I have actually lost 3 punds and (yey) here come the stretch marks (on my back?!)

I hope everyone has a great weekend and I will check back/update on Monday.

Bye ya'll

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Have a good weekend! Try not to worry about not finding the hb, these little ones like to hide out sometimes making it hard to find them. I'm sure all is well, and hope Monday gets here fast for you! Sorry you're not feeling well again.

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Sorry the nausea and vomitting have come back...hopefully they won't stay long. I wouldn't worry too much about the doppler...it's common to not always hear the baby at this gestation.

With Brandon, they had a hard time finding him on the doppler until I was way over 20 weeks so they would just do a quick u/s to make sure he was ok. I was hoping this time would be different but for some reason, the baby is the same way this time...they've tried twice with the doppler but baby was being difficult. I know the little one is ok (because of ultrasounds and movement) but it's still nerve-wracking nonetheless.