Ready to turn off the phone!

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Ready to turn off the phone!

Anyone else getting the "are you in labor yet?" calls from well-meaning family/friends?

My MIL called twice yesterday and once today (and says she'll call daily) to see "how I'm feeling" and whether I'm in labor or have had the baby yet.


Does she think we won't call her when it happens?

I'm not even past my due date yet. Chill out, woman! Your grandbaby will come soon, I promise!

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YES! Nobody expected me to make it 2 weeks after I was in the hospital and now I'm getting calls all.the.time. Even last night, I went out with a girlfriend to get a pedicure and go shopping and dh called at least twice to see how I was feeling....really, you don't think I'd call you if I thought I was going into labor? Same with my mom, she calls me twice a day if not more to see 'how I'm feeling', she's the one most likely to watch the kids for us when I go into labor, does she think I won't call her?

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I don't have them too bad yet!

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Oh man.... that is totally annoying. Blum 3

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Thankfully I dont have that poblem yet. but when ppl start calling i will be blunt and tell them "dont call me I will call you " LOL i dont really have tact tho ROFL
hope ur mil chills out a bit.

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Glad you posted this! I turned my phones off last night! and I am not checking my facbeook for awhile. I am sick of my mom calling me 50x a day asking me how i feel and everyone calling/emailing me, offering all kinds of annoying advice.

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That has to be annoying... but, I would almost trade places with you. NO ONE calls to see how I'm doing... how the pregnancy is going, etc. I'd like a little attention. Wink Even with the earthquake this week, only DH's great aunt called to see if we were okay. Granted, I did text my parents/brother/BIL/SIL that we were fine... BIL and SIL texted back, but that was it.

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This drove me absolutely nuts when I was pregnant with DD, but it hasn't happened yet this pregnancy. I think because I was late with DD, and I've told everyone that I think I'll go late with this one, they're all leaving me alone! I haven't even gotten the "are you in labor?!" answer to the phone when I call people yet. It's been surprising, but nice. FIL will periodically call to see how I'm doing and how my prenatal appointments have been going (he's an OB), but not to see if I've gone into labor. So sorry people are driving you nuts! Maybe you need to set up your voicemail/facebook with a message that says something like "No, I have NOT had the baby yet!" Wink

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With some people (thank God for caller ID) I answer the phone with "still pregnant". That pretty much makes them not ask me anything else annoying and baby related. Lol

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I know that's irritating. I was getting stuff like that at work since I was a bit on the large side. I was thinking, "I better still be pregnant since I have this huge basketball belly." People just don't understand. SMH!

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I had this BAD with my last pregnancy. I went a week OVERdue, so you can just imagine how rough that last week was. I was already bummed (seriously, I cried daily about not being in labor yet) and all these people were calling me asking if i was in labor.

I remember one time, I was about 5 days past due, my dad called to see if I was in labor and I actually said "Oh. We had her 4 days ago. I totally forgot to call you and let you know. We're already out of the hospital and back home now." ROFL He didn't call back asking anymore dumb questions after that.