Reagans Birth Story and Pics

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Reagans Birth Story and Pics

I finally have some time to write out our birth story! Granted the dishes aren't going to get done but who cares Wink

Born: 9/15/11 @ 1:20pm
Weight: 8# 1oz (closer to 8# but the nurse called it 1oz)
Lenght: 20 in

I know that i had talked about the fact that DH was going to be leaving for a business trip and i was really stressed out about it on Wednesday morning. I had to get all of his reservations confirmed and i was panicking about not having enough food in the house incase anything happened. I decided that DS and i should go to Costco after his nap to stock up on all of the necessities.....i did find out that nesting and Costco really are not a good mix :eek: After a very expensive trip we got back to the house and I had a few strong BH contx but nothing to worry about.

After DS went to bed I had to book DH's hotel room and rental car online. I started having really good cramping but I was sure it was just the stress of everything and DH leaving the next day that was making it happen. I mentioned it to DH and he gave me the "dont be a drama queen look" :rolleyes: so i shruged it off. Around 11pm they started to get stronger and seemed to be happening on more of a constant timing so i started using my contx timer on my phone. they were coming every 10-12 minutes and lasting for about 90 seconds. i figured it was time to go to bed, but i packed a few extra things in my bag just in case.

Around 3am i woke up to a really strong contx. i got really excited but I didn't want to wake anyone up yet. I grabbed my phone and got into the tub to see what was going on. The contx were coming every 3-5 minutes and lasting for more than 60 seconds. They were still manageable so i tried to enjoy my bath....and shaved my legs LOL. At 3:30 am i called my mom and told her to put on the coffee....this baby was coming Smile At 4 I woke up DH when I was sure it was the real thing. He didn't believe me so he layed in bed for another half hour, what a guy thing to do. I started to panic that i didn't have anything for DD to wear so I quickly packed her some outfits and got more stuff together for me, DH and DS. Then Dh finally figured out that this was really happening and jumped into action LOL. We got DS in the car, he thought this was all very exciting, and headed out to my in-laws house. we live about 45 minutes away from them and the hospital and that has got to be the worst drive I have ever had to make. The contx were steady at 3 minutes apart but I was trying to be quiet while having them so I didn't stress out DS. Right before getting to my inlaws the contx started to stall out a bit so DH and i decided to get out of the car and walk around on the street for a bit. nevermind that it was now close to 5:30 in the morning...I'm sure the neighbors thought i was a nut.

We headed out to the hopsital and contx had slowed to every 4 minutes but they were lasting almost 90 seconds and getting so strong that i couldn't sit in the car any longer. We got to the hospital at 6am, got checked in rather quickly and the nurse checked me. I was stretchy to 4cm!! I was so excited that i made it that far at home Smile I got my IV meds in for the GBS+ and labor and my mom showed up. The contx were coming every 2 minutes and were manageable without meds for awhile. I labored that way until around 8am and things got really rough. They were stacking 2-3 contx together with only 10-15 seconds of rest in between. I was dialated to 6 cm at this point and it was too late to do any IV meds. I talked with my dr and he cleared me to take a shower. Things were getting really bad and while the shower helped i couldnt stay in there forever. At 9 they had the anastesiologist (sp) come talk to me about options. The number 1 reason I didn't want an EPI was because of the horrible experience i had with DS (I couldn't move, got really nauseated, and couldn't feel any part of the delivery). We decided to go with the Epi but he only gave me the first bolus of drugs and didn't put it on a constant. That way I got my relief but I could still move, feel contx, etc but it allowed me to rest in between contx, even when they stacked together. At this point i was at an 7, the problem was that with the epi came fluids and all of the extra fluids caused me to stall labor. I was having contx every 20 mintues Sad So we did one dose of Pitocin and that got things back in gear.

I forgot to mention that I had a new nurse who was on her 3rd day in L&D so I had to get checked by her and her trainer (not an awesome thing). Around 1 my mom started to notice that Reagan was having a few major decels after looking amazing for the entire labor (she's been an L&D nurse for 15 years!) so she called for the nurse STAT! the new nurse came in and checked me and said I was at an "8" but no one else checked me to confirm it. I told her and my mom that I was starting to get "that" feeling and that things were moving fast. 10 minutes later her training nurse came in and called me a full 10!!! I was having the feeling to push so she called my doc and got me up in stirups right away. Because of the fact that i only pushed 2x with ds she had the doc run right over so he didn't miss it this time (he wasn't on call for DS and really wanted to deliver DD). He got there right as a contx was starting so we started pushing right away. this is where things got a bit crazy/scary. As DD was crowning the DR told me that her right hand was above her head. My mom looked a bit freaked out for a second and I found out that she had her cord wrapped around her neck once. After her head came out she got stuck at the shoulders. I don't think in the moment I knew how urgent it was but looking at the video you can see the nurses starting to freak out a bit. Thankfully my mom was there to get me through it and after an extra hard push with a bit of leg contorting she came out. She wasn't breathing and was completley blue (of course i didn't find this out until yesterday) so DH didnt get to cut the cord and we didn't get to do skin to skin or nursing immediatley. she finally cried about a minute after she was born, thank god. Then i found out that she had what is called a true knot in her cord. She litterally had a pretzel looking knot in her cord that would have happened sometime when she was small enough to move around and by the grace of god it never tightened to the point of causing any damage to the baby. The dr and i agreed that she is my little miracle baby, there were so many things that could have gone horribly wrong that didn't. And oddly enough, ladybugs are considered a sign of luck and that was the theme I chose for her room!

Things are going well now. I've had a serious engorgement issue but we've worked through it. She had her check up at 5 days and is back to her birth weight so i know shes doing well!

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She is beautiful! Thanks for sharing your story- so glad everything turned out well!

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When was she born? What did she weigh???

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Wow, what a birth story. I'm so glad to hear she was ok after all that. She's beautiful!!!

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Wow, I'm glad to hear it all worked out well in the end...she's gorgeous!

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Wow, Kat that is quite a birth story. So glad to know she is ok and everything turned out ok. she is beautiful.

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lovely! love her nose and cheeks! sorry about the scares. glad all turned out good. she is beautiful!

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Congrats on your little miralcle "ladybug!" I'm so glad that everything turned out OK with a knot in her cord!

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So glad things turned out well. How scary to find a knot in her cord.