Really Creepy Dream....

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Really Creepy Dream....

Early this morning I had this really creepy dream. I dreamt that I had baby girl a month early, however, she didn't give off the 'preemie' vibe. She was really big, and very alert. She didn't sleep as long as a newborn does, either.

She was able to roll around in the crib, and shared it with Hailey. She acted like she was a 6 month old in a sort of newborn kind of way. The whole dream was just.... weird. I was in the hospital and I wasn't sore, didn't bleed much, and the placenta never came out, but everything was "fine and normal". The staff also had no idea where anything was, because the 'normal nurses' weren't around. I was asking for forms for child tax, the little pink bear they get when they're born, and all the other things we get. They had no idea about anything except the pink bear because they 'forgot'.

I also remember telling hubby that because our daughter was born early but so advanced that we were going to have another one, making it 6 kids :eek: because I felt ripped off on my experience with this one and it wasn't fair, even though baby girl was healthy and fine as can be.

This is the 2nd hospital dream I've had since being pregnant. The first one, hubby had dropped me off and left me to have the baby while he went and ran errands "totally NEVER going to happen in this lifetime!! LOL", then he came back and the baby was born and I was getting antsy because he was supposed to be there a certain time, and strange things were also going on with the baby. I can't remember what because that was in the beginning of being pregnant, but sheesh lol.

I sure hope that these strange things with the baby isn't some sign :eek:. I think I'd end up in the loony bin haha! But the one this morning was creepy! There's more to it, but the baby parts to me was the creepiest of all.

OH and if you think this one was weird, I had one last week that I was in labour, BUT I was delivering a bunch of baby rats BEFORE I could deliver the baby. WTF? How the hell does a human have baby rats to deliver? LOL. Total weirdness I tell ya!

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Those are some weird dreams. I have weird dreams too. But, alot of mine revolve around DH being unfaithful. I'm not sure why though. But, I wake up PISSED!!! I guess it's just my insecurities messing with my mind.

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LOL i had a dream a few months ago that i labored in bed, didnt last long and was mostly painless, but gave birth to a monkey! these hormones like to mess with us. on the other end of the spectrum, i have dreams alot that DH dies. :eek:

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I have had some crazy baby dreams too. It's funny how much pg affects us.

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I also have had some crazy dreams. Most of the recent ones have to do with me giving birth to a boy. The first one was that I'd given birth and bounced back so quickly, no pain, no soreness, no nothing. I just left the hospital with my boy and was so happy. The other I has actually shopping for a crib set for a boy. LOL

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I haven't had any labor dreams, except for early in the pregnancy where I dreamed about having both a boy and a girl (diff dreams). Last night, even, I dreamed that at our next ultrasound, we were told we were having a girl! AHH!!! lol.

I have had lots of crazy dreams, tho. One of them, it was like an episode of Criminal Minds, and I was the serial killer, only the team kept focusing on DH as the killer lol! So yeah... I dreamt that I was a serial killer framing my own husband. Nice.... the other day I had one that I has been kidnapped and beaten and other really horrible things.... WHILE PREGNANT! I kept screaming "not the belly, I'm pregnant!" ... it was WEIRD.

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Laura, I totally remember you posting you had a monkey! LMAO that's still funny as hell!

Cristina - omg I sent a gift to a killer! And to think, I went through tons and tons of cute froggy items JUST for your cute baby boy arriving soon. Maybe we need a screening process before we do gift exchanges? ROFL :ROFL: Guess it's a good thing my return address wasn't on it eh? Wink

It's so funny how pregnancy hormones change so drastically to make us dream things like that though. I never fully understood it, but as long as they aren't going to come true I think we're good lol.

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Kristina, you SHOULD be worried, since I dreamt-killed only women! bwahahahaha!

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funny u mention this the last few nights i have had sum crazy dreams, altho none of them have been pregnancy related.. hormones r playing tricks on us Wink

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Interestingly enough, I have NOT dreamt about DH cheating on me this time. Hmmm.. I guess I'm over that? Watch, I'll dream it tonight. Lol