Reminisce here! One year ago...

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Reminisce here! One year ago...

it was about this time last year that we were getting our BFPs! Come share your story here.

Can you believe how far we've come in just one year? :pinkelephant:

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I didn't get my +hpt until the end of January but what a surprise it was!!!

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It was our first month trying but during ovulation, we all got the stomach flu. I guess the hard work we put in before did the trick. I took a test a couple of days before Christmas which was neg. on Christmas, I was bummed so I had a couple of drinks. On a whim I tested on boxing day and it was positive. I felt super quilts about Christmas day.

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I was about 3.5 months post partum. I was trying to chart and my chart wasn't making any sense.

We drove 1000 miles to southern California for a funeral in early January, and the whole trip I was expecting a period. Kept expecting. Kept expecting. Kept expecting. LOL

Took a few tests just for peace of mind, negative. Still no period. I gave up thinking I was pregnant and just thought my cycle was messed up.

One day in early February, I was out with a friend. We went to lunch, then went to the outlets to go shopping. I had to pee like crazy! I went potty, came out and said to my friend "I am burping ketchup from lunch and that is how it feels when I'm pregnant. I better go home and pee on a stick." Sure enough, a quick positive. I texted her a picture of the positive photo, and her response jived with my sentiments exactly, "I'm sorry." ....

I spent the whole pregnancy miserable and more miserable. My baby was already a handful. He didn't sleep well. I was exhausted. I had an awful birthing recovery. I had some important health issues. I was NOT ready to experience all of that again. But it was my reality.
Turns out, I had a post partum recovery that was 180 degrees different from my first, and this baby is just fabulous!!! He has an entirely different personality, is very laid back, is not needy, and I am just very grateful that God gave me a much easier baby this time around, otherwise I might be in the psych ward by now.

This is an old pic. And a crappy one. But here he is, only older and cuter. Wink

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After 6 years of heart ache and failed pregnancy test, we found a great fertility doctor who ran every test yo ucan imagine just to find out that both DH and i were perfect and had no reason for not conceiving. we budgeted for 4 rounds of IUI and said that if we dont get pregnant after that then we are done trying. I took my clomid, ovulated 2 days early with 2 large follies and had the IUI done on Dec 8th. Dr said to take a pregnancy test in 14 days. i did the math, and told the doc to tell me EXACTLY what day to take the test..she told me Dec 22nd. i smiled and looked at DH and said, "honey, this is gonna work the first time". Dec 22nd 2010 was our 9th wedding anniversary you see. Sure enough, at 3:17am i woke up to tinkle (i was already peeing ALOT after 2 weeks) and took the test. it immediately showed 2 lines. i was in shock and didnt believe my eyes and ran in to DH who was waiting patiently and showed him, all he said was "2 lines". He gave me my anniversary gift and we snuggled up until we had to go to work. I learned that day that good things do come to those who wait, sometimes Smile

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I got my BFP December 18, 2010. It was DS's b-day party and I just didn't feel right that whole day. My blood sugar kept falling. The thought of cake made me want to vomit. That was a red flag for me. I LOVE SWEETS! After just being tired and everything else, I came home that night and decided that I wanted to POAS. I got the faintest +. After 9 cycles, I was so happy. It's hard to believe that my baby will be 5 months old on the 12th. He's grown so much and he's so big. Wow! What a year it has been!

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DH and I had been trying for several months using Shettles Method to try for a girl, but after a MC in November of 2010 I decided that I just wanted a baby and didn't care! I wait 1 cycle and on NYE I got a + OPK.. we brought in NYE with a bang and on 1/10/11 I got a faint + HPT! Little did I know that we conceived a double blessing that night!

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This time last year we were in Dominican republic with 40 of our closest friends and family sitting with the wedding coordinator finalizing all the details. We were married on the 7 th and unbeknown to us we're concieved the next night ( I wanted to be married 1 year before we starting trying...we were married one day!). Exhaustion and boob explosion came almost immediately ( I almost didn't fit into the dress @ outlr reception back home). 5 weeks after the wedding, I peed on a stick. 4 weeks after we had an u/s and found out we were blessed with 2. Although it was a horrible pregnancy I'd do it over again a million times for these babies. Where has this year gone?

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I got my bfp on Dec 18th as well. This time last year I was having my betas drawn and was concerned about my RhNeg titers cause my last delivery our incompatible blood types crossed and I required 2 shots of Rhogam instead of 1.

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We had a miscarriage at the end of Thanksgiving so it was our first full cycle after the miscarriage. We were charting and my chart looked eerily similar to my pg chart, plus I had been experiencing a few symptoms. About 7dpo my SIL was over making cupcakes for my niece's birthday and I started getting super nauseous and I told her I thought I might be pg. The next day I took an internet cheapie and got a light positive, but I still wasn't convinced. The day after that, Jannuary 16, was our first wedding anniversary. I woke up, took another cheapie, and then a FRER, and then a digital, all positive. I woke Chris up and gave him the tests as a present. That was a really great day!

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We wanted a third baby, but were transitioning out of the military to civillian life and I felt we need to wait to TTC until DH had a new job and we had health insurance. DH landed a job the first part of December so we "officially" started trying asap. We spend Christmas in AK at my IL's house for a full month. DH was going to leave on Jan. 4th in the afternoon to head here, VA, to house hunt and start his job and the bigs and I were coming about 2 weeks later. So, I told him I wanted to POAS the morning before he left since we were officially trying and this is what I got! I think I was only about 3 wks, 4 days since my last period. Christmas Eve was our lucky day! Wink We didn't tell any family though until the end of February once we were settled in the new house and all our household goods had arrived and I had had two or three doctor's appt. by that point.

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I thought we were done a year ago, little did I know! Tomorrow is actually a year from the day I got the BFP, I still remember how stressed I was about telling dh, it actually ran through my mind to just not say anything until he started to notice lol. DS1 had just turned 1 and he was still breastfeeding and I hadn't gotten af yet but I had some suspicious cm in December. Still I wasn't too worried cause he wasn't sleeping through the night yet and it took a pretty major breastfeeding disruption to get at back with dd2 when she was 16 months so I figured it was nothing, ha! Despite all the pofanities that ran through my head that day I'm so thankful he's here! It's funny because I had come to terms with being done before him and now I'm not quite as sure about it, though we are done.

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This was our first cycle TTC after our loss in November. I was convinced starting at 8 dpo i was pregnant but the stupids tests didn't agree until 13 dpo. At 12 dpo I thought I accepted that I wasn't but the next day I was so tired that I took another one. So on my 34th birthday, I got my BFP Smile

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We were not trying AT ALL. I am the perfect example of a mom who lost track of her cycle during the busy holiday season. We traveled to the beach for Christmas, and it was quite a busy trip. Came home and started getting ready for my sister to come visit. Somewhere between coming home and my sister arriving, and my messing up, or maybe my cycle just up and changed, Miss Simone was conceived.

I was expecting the witch to show while my sister was visiting, but she didn't. So I think it was the day or two after she left I started doing the math and realized, oh my, I'll be one day late tomorrow. I started stressing, and gave myself the extra day before POAS. Woke up the next morning, and got my BFP. I immediately burst into tears. I was scared, this was not planned. woke DH up, and he was excited. Nervous, but excited.

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I love reading these! Biggrin

We had been trying for a while, and I was charting (temps and cm). Normal LP was about 12 days. When I got to 13dpo and my temp didn't drop, I decided to POAS. It was 5am since I had to get up for work, but as soon as it turned +, I ran into the bedroom, flipped the light on, and shoved it into poor DH's face.

Fun fact: 12/28/06 was the date I ovulated and conceived DD1. 12/28/10 was the date I got my BFP with DD2. Good day! Smile

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I got my bfp January 21st. I had an appt to see the midwife and I was going to ask about trying clomid. So it was pretty surprising to get the bfp. I was especially surprised b/c for the majority of november, december and beginning of January, there was sickness in our house. I'm still not sure how we fit conceiving in-between the craziness.

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"Disneykat" wrote:

We were not trying AT ALL. I am the perfect example of a mom who lost track of her cycle during the busy holiday season.

I could have wrote the same thing! Except I came down with the flu right before the kids' Christmas break and was out of commission the entire first week of winter break- I really really don't know how Flynn was conceived. Well, I have an inkling Wink bwahahaha- but really- I just don't know.

January was miserable for me. Around the first week of the month, I KNEW I was pregnant, but none of the tests I took would show positive. I don't think I had a positive test until the very end of the month. I wish our old posts were still accessible- sigh.

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I started a new job on Jan 4th, and DH had left his job to be a SAHD. Things were nuts here and at work. Even though we were trying, I lost track of timing. Went to a work conference for 3 days (Jan 16-19 I think) and took supplies thinking I would probably get AF. Didn't get it, and started doing the math, not only should I have already gotten it, it should have been over a week before! POAS I think on the 20th and it was a bright positive. Oops for the wine drinking at the conference!

When I found out I was pg with H I was literally 3 weeks 3 days, with A I was already almost 5 weeks! Even if I didn't POAS, I would have known very quickly as the barfing hit me the next day and didn't stop till...oh...Oct 1st when she was born!

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On january 30 I got my positive Smile it was scary at the time as he wasn't planned but kesler is a true blessing my family is now complete. Smile can't believe its been a year time sure flys

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It's funny this thread is here because this has been on my mind ALOT the last few days, not sure why.

I remember after we dtd and then realizing stupidly after that it was 'baby time' as I always called it when we were actively trying for Heather. I remember freaking out and how hubby tried reassuring me that it'll be fine, chances are I WON"T get pregnant. I remember feeling iffy and then my period was late and I tested for the first time Jan 15th when I was 3 days late. I had an extremely faint line, so faint that it could be taken as a possible negative, then testing again 5 days later with 3 different tests JUST to be sure. I was by myself as hubby was at work and first there was the dollar store test blazing... then the first response which was blazing, and then the digital Clear Blue which told me roughly how far along I was. That whole day I felt super sick to my stomach because Hailey was only 8 months old and I had no idea how I'd handle things - well you guys know that story, so no need to repeat myself lol. I had mixed feelings and thoughts the whole way through so really the whole year was terrible in that sense because I wasn't ready for another baby, it at all kwim? But now she's here and she's adorable and is the splitting image of her sisters :).

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I also got my BFP on December 18th (apparently that was a big day around here)... two days before my 30th birthday. I was 10 dpo, but the morning sickness had already started so we were pretty sure I was pregnant. I hadn't planned to test that day, but it was driving me nuts not knowing. Around 2pm DH said something like, "You're pregnant. Go take the test so you can stop freaking out." I did, and got a blazing positive (which surprised me since I was only 10 dpo and didn't use FMU). We were excited- it was our first cycle TTC! We told family on Christmas, but waited until I was 10 weeks to tell everyone else. This time last year I was non stop barfing, and we were getting ready to put our house on the market- 2011 was a crazy year! So thankful to have my little man here safe and sound!