revert in puree eating skills?

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revert in puree eating skills?

So Evie was great at eating purees when we started it. I'm not very consistent in offering it to her, though. I'm just so busy and I often forget she can eat them. *doh*

Well, the last couple of days I've been trying to give her purees and she opens her mouth to accept it and the spoon goes in, but if I take the spoon out right away, her tongue (with the food on the tip) follows it and she pushes it out and "noms" on her tongue. She never pushed it out with her tongue before this. She doesn't act like she doesn't want it. In fact, when I take it away she gets mad.

I've just never had this happen after my boys were ready for purees.

Any input is appreciated. Lol

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Alice was doing the same thing for a week or so. She had discovered her tongue and was using it whenever she could. She was chewing on it and everything! But she is now back to actually eating her food.

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The only way I can get Brad to eat is to make him laugh so he opens his mouth and I shove the food in! There isn't much food he actually likes!