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rolling over

So is everyone's baby rolling now?

Mine rolled 10 times in January and hasn't rolled since. She became obsessed with learning to sit. She rarely wants to lay on her front or back. When I'm not holding her she is either sitting unassisted and playing with toys or in the jumperoo. She likes to stand assisted so we think she won't crawl because she is never laying down to develop that skill.

I'm not that concerned but ILs think she should be rolling lots now.

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Maya my Sept 11 baby was rolling, but now would rather sit or lay on her tummy and scoot acrossed the room. If we lay her on her back she does baby crunches( i think she is working on a six pack). LOL Joshua my Sept 08 baby finally rolled when he was almost a year. I was very concerned for him had him checked etc.

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Both of the babes roll but not always initially and mostly when they are sleeping (their both tummy sleepers ). They're def not like their sister. She was moving like crazy at this point. But I think these two will crawl sooner then DD1 because they enjoy their belly a lot more. The longer they are immobile the better!

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Sounds like she's doing just fine!

My kid CAN roll, but doesn't do it often. She'll roll once to change position (i.e. get off her belly). By this point, DD1 was rolling across the room. Hard not to compare!

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CJ rolls and scoots around but he gets bored quickly and would much rather be sitting or standing. It wouldn't surprise me either if he skipped crawling and went straight to walking.

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Andrew can roll both ways but he mostly sits up now that he can sit on his own. If I put him on his tummy he rolls over to his back then fusses until you sit him up. I feel like he is far from crawling but I am in no hurry for that to happen!

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Alice rolls front to back and can roll back to front but chooses not to.

A word of advice that I learned in an education class in college: if your baby walks before he crawls, make him lay down and learn how to crawl. It isn't a huge deal, but a baby that doesn't learn how to crawl actually grows up with some very minor learning/motor impairments. I remember a girl in my class didn't crawl and she had to deal with some annoying stuff b/c of it. I don't remember what, though.

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I don't think it's a big deal that she's not rolling right now, since she obviously knows how to do it. In my opinion, it's normal for them to focus in really hard on one thing (like learning to sit) and let everything else fall by the wayside for awhile. Eventually they do go back to working on other things too. For example, when she was around 12 months, DD was doing great with starting to talk. Then she decided she wanted to walk, and was totally focused on that for a couple of months, and didn't bother much with talking during that time. Once she got the walking down, she went back to learning how to talk. She's 3 1/2 now and both talks and walks fine ;-). Sometimes they just put all their attention on one thing.
And I do agree with Joni- in all my early childhood training, they stressed the importance of crawling to their development, so it's good to encourage them to crawl, even if they learn to walk before they learn to crawl.

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OK I wasn't worried until it was questioned Smile They might also not be considering her being early since they don't believe in adjusted ages.

I am trying to do more tummy time to encourage rolling & learning to crawl but really she just wants to sit and play.

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Shay rolls all over the floor now. It has been pointless to lay her on a blanket for about a month or so now because she will just roll off of it. It she sees a toy or something across the floor, she will roll to it. Just the past couple days she started getting up on her hands and knees! I keep telling her she is to little to crawl, but I don't think she is listening! lol

However she can only sit by herself for a few seconds at a time. Which it is hard not to compare because Mason was sitting unassisted when he was 5 months and she is 6.5 months but still not sitting well unassisted.