Rough go lately...

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Rough go lately...

Hi ladies, I hope everyone is doing well & the lil ones are baking away!

I've been having a real rough go of things lately.... I hurt almost 90% of the day. I've got a badly pinched sciatica and there's a nerve that travels from my hip bone and down the right side of the front of my body causing extreamly bad pain in the 'ya know' area. I can't stand that sharp stabbing pain it's causing either.... Getting out of the bed and just walking period is a real challenge. So I've been relaxing as much as possible.

There's a positive side to my life now. My husbands coming around and is getting to know his son. Kyan freaks out and just goes nuts when his dad is aroud and Kyan will only move for him. I tried telling him before but he wouldn't listen! I'm just glad he's paying attention to the baby now. He's also paying a lot more attention to me, which I really needed. lol

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Sorry you are in soo much pain, I hope you can find somthing to help it. Glad DH is comming around and getting closer to DS, the baby and you I hope it continues for you.

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Oh I hear you on the pain. Sad

I'm so sorry you have to suffer through it too.

But I am glad that your DH is starting to come around. I was really sad for you to have to deal with what you've been going through.


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Good for DH! What was his hesitation before?

I am sorry you are having so much pain but I am glad you are able to relax a little. the end is in sight Mama!

Take care of yourself!

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He found out I was still taking meds for pain and instead of asking me, he assumed I was doing it just to be doing it. That my dr hadn't prescribed them for me, or whatever.. He didn't want to get to know the baby because he claims he didn't know if he'd ever make it here. Umm. OK.. Weirdo......

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Find a chiro for your sciatica. Mine hasn't bothered me except for BEFORE I started going to the chiro. And it has bothered me with both pregnancies.

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Sorry you are in so much pain. I have sciatica issues not pg and it's the worst. I'm glad to hear DH is coming around though.

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So sorry you are feeling so much pain. I've had a few rough days lately, but good outnumber the bad. I can't imagine not feeling good every day. So glad DH is stepping it up! Smile

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Sorry about the pain, but I am glad your dh is coming around

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I'm sorry you hurt so bad. I agree a chiropractor is great mine gas been a lifesaver. I have horrible back issues from the army. My Lo has dropped a so I feel the pain down there as well. Just do what you can and don't push it.

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Sorry u have been hurting so much Sad
Glad your DH is coming around.

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Sorry you are hurting so bad but I'm so glad that your DH is coming around.

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Sad to pain but Yahoo to DH coming around.

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i totally feel ya on the pain, i have the same type of pain. but, i am so glad your DH is coming around! Smile