rough week so glad its over

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rough week so glad its over

Man I had a horrible end to the week. Yesterday I had 2 6th graders get in a fight right in the middle of class out of the blue. Apparently they have been calling each other names etc and it just peaked its head during my class so I had to break that fight up. Then I have another 6 th grade boy today who has a ton of issues that his dad and stepmom are refusing to deal with. He's been mutilating himself in my class, using his pencil and cutting his ARM w it, today using a stapler to put holes in it, when I took everything away he was using his nails. I've reported it to the vice principal already but today I marched down to guidance and went off. I'm sorry but nobody is doing anything or telling me how to handle this. It's causing. Huge problem in my class Nd its obvious something needs to be done more. You know what they told me, to talk to him and offer him a reward if he can control himself everyday. It's just for attention he's doing it...I did talk to the kid and he is refusing that he needs any help . I think I'm just gonna be making a call into child services if it happens again.

So I went shopping after work and bought new curtains for the living room and towels for the bathroom. Shopping always helps the stress lol.

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I am a crisis counselor and mental helath worker- Self-mutilation is usually a way to try and deal with internal pain and anguish. Many cutters also feel that it is the only pain in their lives that they have any control over. It is not typically an attention-seeking behavior unless you are dealing with an underlying personality disorder. I dont know if you have the same set up in your area, but here we have juvenile crisis that can come to the school and talk to the child to get more information and they then usually follow up at home with the family to determine what steps need to be taken.

Good luck. It can be hard feeling powerless when you know something needs to be done.

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Sorry it's been so rough. I hope you can get something done with that child. He must be struggling with something tough. That's so sad that that may be his only way to express himself.

Yay for some retail therapy though! That always makes it better!

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We do know the whole situation. He was adopted from Russia as a baby. His adopted mom died when he was in 3rd grade of cancer.. his dad remarried pretty quickly and both parents refuse to admit the kid needs help. The dad refuses to get him counseling and says he doesn't believe his son remembers much cause he was to young. But the kid has talked to our counselors and he remembers everything and sort of blames himself. The kid is so ADD its not even funny, he literally cannot sit still or focus to have a conversation at all. They finally pit him on meds and told him it was vitamins but we believe they took him off it like 2 weeks later. He was finally starting to comprehend things. It makes me so sad and I just want to smack the crap out of the dad. What the heck is wrong with him. This kid obviously has grief issues that need to be delt with and they refuse to even acknowledge that the mom even existed.

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I cut in high school, when it was caught I was sent to the guidance counselor. She made my mom come get me (my mom wasn't acknowledging the problem either) and told my mom if they didn't get a written sign off from a doctor the next day that I wasn't a harm to myself or others than the school would be forced to call child services. After that is another story, but I wanted to put it out there that it sounds like the guidance counselor is not doing their job and maybe you should sit down with the principal and hash out what needs to happen for this boy.

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What a tough situation, I agree with Joni though. It isn't your job to try and deal with serious emotional issues while trying to teach a class, the guidance couselor should be handling that kind of situation. Hopefully you can get some help for that boy, one way or another.

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That does sound like a horrible week. I can totally relate to your frustration. I had kids who were in severe need of help but the school didn't have enough resources so there wasn't much they could do. I had one with a lot of concerning issues (peeing on the floor, lived in the projects and refused to go home, very attached to me, mother abandoned her, etc). It's frustrating when you have kids who act out or who are in need if help and nothing is done. Hugs. I hope this week is better for you.

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Just getting on after the weekend...

I don't know how teachers do it, now with all the issues kids face. I hope this week is better and I agree, shopping always helps!