RQOTD 6/10

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RQOTD 6/10

What are your weekend plans?

We have nothing planned. I have seen Chris a total of three hours this week so I'm looking forward to spending some time together. He is still in crunch mode so he will have to go into work this weekend unfortunately. I'm pretty sure we will just have a calm weekend at home, which sounds perfect to me.

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I have clinical at the hospital on Saturday for 8 hours, the only plus side is I get to play with newborns all day! Then Sunday DS and I are going to a family birthday party while DH plays paintball. I'm a bit bummed that I will only see DH a few hours over the entire weekend but it doesn't happen often so its ok Wink

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I have to go to a bridal shower and bachlorette for a good friend of mine....I'll need a nap, otherwise I won't make it to the bachlorette!

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Well tonite I think we are going to watch the hockey game with sum friends as skyler is having dinner at grampas Smile as for the weekend not much planned gonna try and get a bit of gardening done if I feel up to it. Hope u ladies have a great weekend Smile

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We're having a cookout at a friend's house on Sunday. Other than that, just hanging out and trying to get more stuff done around the house!

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I'm thinking I should probably catch up on the house work that I've been neglecting all week. Wink

Our house guest is over mowing my sister's lawn and she called to say he was staying with them for dinner cause her hubby offered him a steak and I said "but I want one!" so now, as soon as DH gets home I'm gonna tell him we are invited over to their house for an impromptu bbq! Biggrin They said "bring the boys and the beer and we'll feed you guys steaks and potatoes". :drool: I hope he gets home soon. Smile

My nephew has a b-day party on Sunday, and that's my weekend in a nutshell. Lol

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Tomorrow we are going to a minor league baseball game and Sunday I plan on sorting some baby clothes.

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Right now dh is putting together a train table for dd b/c paci is gone.

Tomorrow morning we have a 2 yo bday party to go to. At 2, DH and I are going to a wedding. Sunday morning is church as usual. But the good news is I've given up my duties of getting the young toddler room ready in the morning so that is a huge stress relief.

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Birthday party for my niece and nephew tomorrow. Sunday I'm on call for work so not much of anything. And, of course, the usual....laundry, dishes, swimming, relaxing, grocery shopping.

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Nothing! DH works most Saturdays and tomorrow is no exception. At some point I have to run to town and get DD1 a new swimsuit since swim lessons start Monday and amazingly enough she has already outgrown the swimsuit I bought her this spring. We'll be going to church Sunday morning, that's about our only solid plans for the weekend.

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This is my free weekend! Well, free day at least. No idea how I am going to spend Saturday. Sunday we are going to the Preemie Picnic at work. And I get Monday off, its a stat holiday for nurses (weird union rules lol). Hoping to get together with my best friend from university that day, haven't seen her in a while.

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Both Carlos and I work today. Tomorrow, who knows. I know tonight we are ordering dinner out. I would like to tackle the bathroom some time today and do laundry which I was not able to do last weekend.

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Last night we took the peeps swimming at our neighborhood pool and then ordered pizza and ate it poolside. DS thought that was such a big treat! We came back to the house and had popsicles and icecream.

Today, DH took DS to Lowe's for their Build and Grow program while I started on the laundry and watered the garden and flowers. We are just working on stuff around the house here today. DH wants to paint the rails to the back steps and maybe start spraying the clear coat on the fence too. We have a couple of movies from Redbox we will probably watch sometime too.

Tomorrow is church and more relaxing. Need to make a menu for the week and go grocery shopping and get some activities planned for the peeps sometime this weekend. So, a little work... a little rest... a little play. Maybe the pool tomorrow afternoon after naps!

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Last night I went to see one of my old students perform in the musical comedy Pippin...he was good.

Today I was supposed to go to the Irish festival but it looks nasty out and is supposed to storm all afternoon so I think my girlfriends and I are gonna wait till tomorrow to try to go. So I guess ill work on the babies room a bit today.

Tomorrow night there is an all day fundraiser with a local biker group. They are driving from bar to bar and then ending up at Musketeers, a bar & grill my friend owns. I told him I didn't want to do the bar hopping thing but I would come out from the fundraising part at his place tomorrow at 5.(the other owner is a member of the biker group that's why they r hosting this). A full weekend for me but at least I won't be bored.

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Since I've worked the last 5 weekends and it's starting to stress me out...this weekend I'm doing as little as possible Smile

We're doing a potty training weekend with DD - a 3-day program that all the mums on my other birth board have been raving about. Cross your fingers for me!

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"MandyMommyto1" wrote:

Since I've worked the last 5 weekends and it's starting to stress me out...this weekend I'm doing as little as possible Smile

We're doing a potty training weekend with DD - a 3-day program that all the mums on my other birth board have been raving about. Cross your fingers for me!

How did it work?

This weekend I bummed around on Saturday and ran errands. I also had a stagette Saturday night.

Sunday, we spent the day with family and had McDonald's!