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RQOTD 6/12

Do you have a theme for the nursery? What is it?

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When she's born she will sleep in my room for a while. We usually take them out of our room and into their own once they sleep all night, however Hailey only got moved when she was about 7 months old because I was a bit iffy with Heather since they share the room now. Once this little girl is born and sleeps all night, and it's time to move her out of my room, she will share the room with her 2 sisters. It's plenty big enough and all the toys are down here, or the basement, so there's no big clutter of toys in the room to make it crowded. The theme in there is Tinkerbell. The walls are a nice purple with an equally nice pink trim - sounds weird but it truely works and looks great! We have Tinkebell wallboarder and Tinkerbell wall stickers. I still need to find a Tinkerbell Curtain for the window but it's all done. The only one so far that has bedding to match is Heather, but the bedding doesn't have to always match, and we can mix/match anyways Smile

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We are using some race car bedding from Wal-Mart. Here's a pic from their website.

We got the lamp and mobile to match. I think we are going to paint the walls a yellow that matches the yellow car. I need to find some curtains though.

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Thalia is not going to have a nursery. She'll be with SO and I for atleast a year. After that we may move to a two bedroom. I do have a precious moments set on our registry.

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The nursery will be fish theme. We are going to paint the room a light blue and frame some pictures of dh's fish that we have had over the years.

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Seems like a lot of rooming in babies. No theme here, we might or might not do one. I haven't found anything that I really love that will match our bedroom and baby will be in our room until he's sleeping through the night, which could be quite some time if he's anything like my last 2. For right now I've decided to just do plain blue sheets and an ecru breathable bumper. Subject to change depending on what I find at the fabric store overtime. I was going to go with a brown or blue bumper but decided to stick with Ecru since we don't know when he'll start rooming in with DS and then we'll match the boys' bedding.

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We are doing a lady bug theme Smile I found super cute bedding that's black/white gingham and lady bugs. The baby will sleep in our room for the first 4-6 months but I prefer to do nap times in the nursery as well as for storage of all of her clothes etc. The room has been empty since we moved in in December becuase we were TTC. Wall color and carpet will stay the same because it's a very neutral color, I may paint a lady bug border but thats about it Smile

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Brandon will be with us for about six months or so I think and then he's going to the nursery. Our set is called Froggy tales and it's got frogs and other pondlife on it and the colors are mostly green and yellow.

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The girls are going to be sleeping in my room for awhile and will eventually move into the room with Izzy. We would like to paint the room a liliac color, but for now we just need to get it organized! LOL

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Hayleigh will move into another room and we will keep the nursery the way it is (green toile).

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I feel so behind everyone...we havn't even thought of a theme. But it'll be neutral because they are sharing a room.

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We don't really have a theme - trying to reuse most of the 'stuff' from DS. My MIL made me beautiful blue bedding for him, so we will definitely be re-using that.

DH painted a forest of birch trees along one wall last night, and I got a cute leafy mobile for above the crib. I love that it is all coming together (but slowly!)

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We are doing a nautical sail boat theme its got palm trees too Smile I will post pics soom

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This is the bedding we have from DD that we'll probably end up re-using unless I can Craigslist it and DS's bedding and talk DH into letting me buy a whole new set for this one. Wink


Not sure what color we will paint the walls... DD's current walls are pink, yellow, and green stripes with two walls being solid pink. DS's current walls are blue, yellow, and pink stripes with two main walls being solid blue. I want something that will go with their rooms, but not be matchy-matchy... hummm.