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RQOTD 6/14

If money (or other factors) weren't an issue, what is one place you would love to visit?

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Right now, a beach anywhere that has ppl there specifically to bring me whatever i want and massage my feet and my back anytime of the day or night! i would come back right before kendra is due LOL Hubbie is a mechanic for the army and his hands are tired by the time he gets home, so no rub downs for me. i've learned that i give myself real good foot massages though lol

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I've always wanted to go to Australia. For a few years Chris was producing a game where the developers were in Australia so he got to make frequent trips there. I used to be so jealous even though I knew he was going to work and not for a vacation.

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I would love to do a full spa week somewhere tropical. Nothing but pampering all day!

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2 places I would love to go.. HAWAII and ST. LUCIA... I agree that all I want is pampering!

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I have 2 places I can't pick from, wales in the united kingdom my mom and dad r from there and also nevis in the west indies, curtis is from there and he tells me stories and it sounds beautiful.

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We did a trip to Egypt before kids as our big trip and it was fantastic. I would like to go back to the area and see more of the Red sea area, Jordan and Israel. Besides money, safety is a concern and I don't feel comfortable going back until it seems a little more stable.

I would also love to do a wild life tour of the Galapagos but DH isn't as interested.

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I have so many places I would love to visit. Africa, Israel, Greece, Italy, Spain. I would love to be able to travel a bunch of places. I always wanted to have my honeymoon in the Phillipines (sp?)

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Vatican City, Italy and have an audience with the Pope

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I agree with the tropical beach spa resort location! Smile I'm not sure if I'd rather go to Hawaii or someplace else. But I'd like white sandy beaches with bright blue waters and massages and drinks and...... you get the picture. Wink

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Definitely Australia. Dh and I would love to scuba the Great Barrier Reef. We would go to live there if we could.

Greece would be cool too, the Red Sea has some great reefs.

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Yeah, Australia is one dh and I would both love. I half joked with him the other day we should move there and he was all for it Lol
I'll cheat though and say if money were no option I'd love to do a big huge trip stopping in Europe on the way. I was born in Germany and have wanted to go visit my whole life but it's just never been in the cards, so definitely visit there and I'd love to visit Italy as well

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hands down....Ireland!!!!!!!!!!! Im still kicking myself that i didnt go on leave when I was with the army. They would have flown me there and all i had to do was pay for what I did there. Some day!

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I've always dreamed of going to Ireland! We've tried to plan it a few times in the past but money is always the issue.

But now that i think of it, Can I just use the money to hire a whole staff of personal assistants? That way i don't havd to do anything Wink

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We lived in Europe for 2 1/2 years... and there were so many places we didn't make it to. Someday, I want to go to Barcelona, Paris, and London for sure! Those were three places we didn't make it to. Sad I would also love to go back to Italy with the kids... it's where DD was born. Cinque Terre (5 cities by the sea) is BEAUTIFUL! And we never made it down to Pompei... I've never been to Hawaii either, but I now have a SIL from there... so the whole family is talking about going there maybe next year for Christmas? Smile I really enjoy traveling!

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There are so many places, but I've always wanted to go horseback riding in Ireland. That's definitely my #1. I'd also like to see some of the places my family came from, like northern Spain and Denmark.

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Anywhere with a beach and free food!

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Right now, while pregnant - I'd love to do a cruise, maybe Alaska or the North Sea, somewhere cool where we can just relax and whale watch.

While not preggo, and if I didn't have to drag a toddler with me? DH and I would love to take a month or two and do a full tour of the European continent, all the way from the UK through to Russia. I'd love to see the Middle East too, although not now - a lot has been destroyed, if I could go back in time and see it in it's glory that would be awesome.