RQOTD 6/17

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RQOTD 6/17

What are your plans for the weekend?

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I don't know what we're doing Saturday, but on Sunday I was going to make Chris breakfast and then I'm making his favorites for dinner...chicken and sausage gumbo and peach cobbler. The gumbo takes hours so I think it's fair to say I'll be spending a bit of time in the kitchen, lol.

Normally we go to the in-laws, but Chris's brother isn't going and Chris may have to work on Saturday so we aren't making the trip to Palm Springs this year.

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i know we want to get DD moved out of her room (soon to be nursery) into her new room in the basement. then i want to start ripping out the walls that are in the nursery. havent had a chance to make plans for fathers day :eek: so i think i will take him and his son to a movie and out to eat.

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Dh and I are going to a saltwater tank party Saturday evening. Sunday we have church and lunch with his family.

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Tomorrow we are having a small family gathering for Izzy's birthday. Then I have to get the boys all packed up to go to the beach with my parents. Sunday is when they are leaving so maybe DH, Izzy and I can go out and enjoy a nice dinner.

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What's a saltwater tank party???

Tongiht is movie night. Got "The Little Engine That Could" for the peeps and "Life As We Know It" for us adults. Looks like we'll be eating leftovers, since still have 1/2 a casserole in the fridge.

Tomorrow... we don't have any plans. We need to hang some pics on the walls and I'll probably start laundry... and we'll just hang out. It's supposed to rain for most of the weekend here. We'll got to church tomrorow evening.

Sunday, I asked DH what he wanted to do and he said just hang out and relax. He's been working really hard on things around the new house lately. He said he'd like to watch movies/read a book... play Wii with the kids... just be together. So, that's what we'll do. We'll have a nice dinner as well.

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DH works late tonight and tomorrow, so nothing much. I did a ton of driving around this week so I'm hoping to get the house back in shape today and tomorrow we'll probably spend a lot of time outside and maybe go to the zoo.
Not sure what we'll do Sunday either, I told dh it was up to him and he hasn't decided yet. If he wants to go fishing I will probably just stick at home with the kids and let them play outside in the pool, it's supposed to be beautiful as far as weather goes, just under 80 and sunny

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Nothing major for the weekend. Sunday me and the kids are making breakfast, and for dinner I'm thinking on making a macarroni and cheese casserol. I just make a regular spaghetti sauce, make macarroni, then mix it all together, grate and sprinkle cheese both in and on it and then put it into the slow cooker on low for a few hours. I put cheese in it, mix it, then fill half the slow cooker, sprinkle more cheese on top, then the rest of the mixture with of course, even more cheese lol. We like it really cheesy :D.

But other than that, don't think we're doing much. It's a quiet kinda weekend, and way I see it, they're here to spend it with him, it doesn't have to be a big fancy type thing, and they all made gifts for him from school.

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We are just hanging out. DH is golfing all day tomorrow, so Kelly and I will chill, maybe go for a swim and a walk.
Sunday, I'll cook breakfast and then we'll go to church. Probably watch the US Open. We'll probably go for a swim and pretty much just hang out.

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Ooops I put next weekends plans...LOL

Tomorrow we have friends coming over for dinner.

Sunday? Dh hasn't decided yet. He said he wants a lazy father's day

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Bridal shower and bachelorette party for BFF! (I'm the MOH.)

It will be fun, but frankly, it sounds exhausting, lol. I'll be relieved when it's all done!

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I have worked 4 straight 12's this week and my body is feeling it. We are leaving for a day trip to Dallas to drop off a friend's car. We aren't doing any shopping while we are there.

Tomorrow we will go to the grocery store and I HAVE to clean and do laundry. I'm off Monday so I can split the chores up over the next couple of days.