RQOTD 6/20

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RQOTD 6/20

Hope everyone had a good weekend!!!

Ok, so pregnant or not pregnant, What is your favorite cold sandwich? Your favorite hot sandw

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My favorite cold sandwich is avocado, turkey, and cheese. Togo's makes a really good one.

My favorite hot sandwich is a grilled turkey and havarti sandwich. Yum.

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Jimmy Johns- beach club (turkey, cheese, avocado, and other yummy veggies) minus the mayo.

hot.. not sure? How about a burger from Red Robin? Mmmm.

Dang it, Lenora, you are making me hungry! lol

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I like Turkey spread and PB&J.

Hot I like grilled cheese.

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Oh and I like tuna salad.

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Hot sandwich has to be a Rueben!
Cold sammie....turkey and provolone Biggrin

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Hot- anything italian - love ham, salami, provolone, proscuitto, italian dressing or vinegar.

Cold- roast beef w/ provolone, same as above, but cold, chicken or tuna salad, turkey w/ provolone

Dang it, now I really want a yummy sandwich!

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Cold- Turkey BLT from Frank and Nic's in Baltimore MD
HOT- Turkey Rueben.

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Cold - BLT on a bagel with cheddar cheese...yum!
Hot - Gotta be a reuben, extra saurkraut Smile

Lenora, you always come up with the funniest questions!

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I totally want a sandwich now too. I'm such a big foodie, so most of my questions tend to revolve around food, in case you haven't noticed. I think something like 80% of my Facebook statuses are food-related, lol.

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Cold: honey turkey and Swiss on a roll w mayo.
Hot: I guess a good old fashioned cheeseburger?

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I'm not a huge sandwich fan, so I guess I like either the Bacon, chicken ranch or seafood sandwich from subway....and hot I get the Caesar chicken wrap w ranch from my friends bar and grill

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Cold- a true, NY deli american hero- ham, turkey, roast beef, american cheese, lettuce, tomato on a hero roll.

Hot- meatball sub

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I'm really not a big sandwich person but when I have a cold sandwich is almost always a turkey sandwich, cheese just depends on what we have, I prefer provolone. Hot, definitely a grilled chicken sandwich with chipotle cheddar cheese

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My favorite cold sandwhich is a Turkey, Bacon & Avocado, with extra Bacon of course!

My favorite hot has got to be a Reuben sandwhich. It's hard to find a good one around my area but when I do I've been known to have it a few days in a row :eek:

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my favourite hot is grilled cheese!!! mmmmm
cold my fav would be chicken and bacon!! yumm now im hungry lol!! all i have to do is think about food and im hungry these days Wink

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cold sandwich: Mortadella with mayo and lettuce (from this awesome italian deli in Greensboro)

hot??? Hmmm, Pastrami and mustard.....from Togo's in CA...sigh I miss Togo's.