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RQOTD 6/22

So since I have cars on the brain, what kind of car do you drive? Are you happy with it? Why or why not?

I drive a Ford Escape. For the most part I like my car. Sometimes I wish I had a bigger SUV like my cousin's Honda Pilot but it works for us.

Chris is going to need a new car. He drives a 2-door BMW. Until we bought our house we lived about five minutes from his job. Now he's commuting and his car just isn't meant for commuting. It is super expensive anytime anything needs to be fixed on it. He needs to buy something more commuter and family friendly. His car is super low to the ground and I have had a hard time getting my pregnant self in there the last few times we've gone out in it. It's a lot easier to get in my SUV, lol.

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I have a 2005 Toyota Camry. I love it! It is so dependable and lasts forever! That year has a huge trunk so lots of storage area and the seats are very roomy and comfortable!

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I drive a Toyota Sienna. I so dd not want a mom van, but with twins and a toddler, it was necessary and now with #4 on the way, well, there truly is no way around it!!!!

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I drive a Mazda 5, I too didn't not want a mom van yet... but I like the idea of the sliding doors. They call it a micro van. For the most part I like it. I had a toyota prius before this car. I loved my prius and if they didn't change the design of the prius in 2010, I probably would have purchased another one.

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We have a Hyundai Elanta 4 door and a Ford F150 truck. The truck is perfect, With 2 teens and a baby, the Elantra isnt gonna cut it and we need a bigger vehicle (i actually want a Ford Escape), but for many reasons we are pushing that off.

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I drive a 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan. we just bought it a few months ago and so far I love it!

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I have a 2000 Honda Civic. Its 4 door sedan, and while we can manage, its going to be a little tight with 2 car seats and the dog in the back. We have our eyes on a Subaru Outback, we test drove it last year and I have been drooling over it ever since.

Unfortunately, it is not in our financial best interest to buy it right now (flat out that means we can't afford it!). We both have paid off cars that run and we'll manage.

But I still want it. Bad.

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i drive a ford expedition i love it but with the price of fuel its rediculous!!!! ( i am looking at minivans a honda odyessy or toyota sienna) i really didnt want a van but for 2 kids a dog and all the camping , dirthbiking, horses, and hockey we doo I think their is no way around a van :confused: and v8 is just to pricey!! :angry1: we also have a sebring convertable and a f 250 truck but once baby comes that wont be practical .. hence a van cause then we can still haul the camper Smile

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I drive a Saab sport combi (basically a modern version of a station wagon) and I really, really like it. It's very comfortable to drive, and while it's big enough to fit the kids in the back seat and my two large dogs in the cargo space (or "way back" as we called it when we were kids ;-)) it's not too big (I don't feel comfortable driving a mini van, although I'm sure I'd get used to it if I needed to). We got it when I was pregnant with DD and I've been really happy with it.

DH drives a Toyota corolla. We bought it quite a few years ago now, so it's starting to show its age, although it still runs great. We bought it used, with very low mileage on it, and we've never had a problem with it. We're hoping it lasts us a few more years (no reason why it shouldn't) then DH would like to get a small SUV, or something along those lines, that could fit our whole family. Although we've also considered replacing it with a camry when the time comes.

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I drive a 2009 Mazda CX9 that the kids call the "The Black Beauty". We bought it when we were stationed overseas in Italy because I got hit on base and that totaled our Honda CRV. There were very few choices of American spec cars in Europe to purchase. But, I really do LOVE it! We are planning on driving it until it dies. Wink It has 7 seats, although with the back two up, there isn't a ton of cargo space. We're still trying to figure out how we are going to configure the three carseats in it once baby arrives though as DS doesn't like being in the back by himself.
DH drives a Prius... we got it used when we moved here this winter. The kids call it "The Golden Egg". It can easily fit their two carseats in the back and gets awesome gas mileage which is what we needed since DH drives 45 min. to an hour one way for work each day.

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We have a 2003 Pontiac Montana. Bought it last year, thought it was a great deal.... that is till EVERYTHING went wrong in it. Replaced the engine and lately seems like it's one thing after another :doh:. Can't afford to buy something else, so fixing it up it is. Good thing is, the engine still works good :rolleyes:

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I drive a Toyota Sequoia - love it! I told DH that I will drive that car until the wheels fall off. Smile

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a Honda Pilot for me Smile I absolutely love it, the storage space could be better but I really wanted something less 'mini-van' and it fits the bill perfectly and can seat 8, not so much right now since the kids are all in car seats but it'll be really nice in a few years when it's just the boys in car seats

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We have a 2001 honda civic that is falling apart. We also have a Toyota Tacoma. We like the truck, but not very practical for 2 car seats. The civic just doesn't seem safe, so we try not to drive that when we have Kelly. Usually, whoever has Kelly gets to drive the truck.

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We have a 2002 Ford Explorer - currently parked because the transmission went and a 2002 Ford Taurus - we call old faithful and has never had any trouble

DH has a truck and a bunch of hobby cars

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I drive a Nissan Rogue, and I love it! It's considered a "crossover" meaning that it has the feel of an SUV but is more like a car size. I can fit 2 carseats in there, plus it has a great amount of cargo space in the back, I can easily fit my double Valco stroller. Plus it has a CVT engine, so it's super efficient on gas, I get about 50mpg in the city.

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Our family car is a 96 Ford Taurus. It has been very good to us (especially my SO) but I think it's time for an upgrade, hopefully to a Honda CRV.