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RQOTD 6/29

How did you and your SO/DH meet?

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Chris and I met a brewery/restaurant. My roommate and I were out to dinner celebrating the new school year. Chris's friends dragged him away from work for a night out. On our way out we ran into a friend of ours who turned out to be a friend of his. We had instant chemistry and we've been together ever since. That was almost ten years ago.

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Short version: online.

Slightly longer version: He did a search through yahoo profiles (on their messenger- like AIM or ICQ) for keyword "disney" (he's a huge buff), mine was one of the ones that came up due to a random quote on my page, and when he sent messages to those 50ish people asking to chat, I was the only one to reply. Glad I did!

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We met in high school. Our 1st 'date' was to a halloween party and I was just a baby @ 13. Summer going into my Serior year I ran into him @ a restuarant we asked me out and that is all she wrote! We have been together 16 years and will be married 10 this Sept.

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Online... been married for 3 months now!

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We met online, on a forum for an MMO we both play (EQ2). I found out he lived in the same city as me, but it wasn't really a thought that we would date, or even meet lol! Then one day I came home from work to find out there had been a drive by shooting across the street from the apartment I had JUST moved into and I was scared to death. He was online and said he would stay up with me as late as needed and keep me company, since my family and friends were all either unavailable (work, vacations) or simply too far away for me to crash on their couch for the night. I thought it was sweet of him to do. Around midnight, he asked me if I wanted to come sleep on his couch, because his roommate (a female that I knew online as well) had just gotten home from work. I said no. At 2am, he asked again, and I finally caved cuz I was exhausted. I hadn't even seen a picture of him at this point! So I head over there, and we ended up staying up till after 5am talking, only getting about 2 hours of sleep.

The next day, he asked me when he'd see me again. Aww! I ended up going over again that night, with dinner to thank him for the company the night before.... and ended up staying over again. :bigblink: This went on for a few months before I moved in officially. We dated for 4 years and have been married a bit over a year now.

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Good one! but its a long story (cause i have to explain so as not to look like a floozy LOL)

i met brian when i was married to my ex husband. he was navy and went out to see for 6 months so i temporarily moved to PA from VA to stay with my parents to save money but also so i wouldnt be alone. i was there for about 3 months, working at a local ice cream joint/restaurant. i came into work for my shift and he was there sitting with one of my coworkers. i made a comment about my back hurting and he rubbed my shoulders. tht is how we met. now, over the next few months my husband treated me badly, accusing me of cheating whe i wasnt, etc so in December he returned from the cruise. i decided i wanted a divorce. in the meantime, Brian and i became good friends, each knowing there was more there but not allowing it to go further. when i left my ex, i called brian to bring his truck down to help me get my stuff moved up to PA. i moved in with him with the intentions of just renting his spare room, but i never left. i immediately started the divorce and within a month we were head over heals in love. i just knew he was it, even after a short period of time. 2 months later he proposed and 2 months after my divorce we were married. this december we will be married 10 years!

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In high school. I wanted him bad. He was dating someone else. We became good friends. I spent then next 4 years getting over him, finally did, and then he smartened up and realized what he was missing! Dated for 10 years, been married for almost 4.

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High school. We'd known each other since grade 10 and started dating in the last half of grade 12. We've been together 16 years and married for 9 years.

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We met in college, the day we moved into the dorms freshman year, at orientation. We were friends for our first semester, started dating second semester, got engaged the summer before our junior year, and got married the summer before our senior year. We've been married for nine years now, it's been 11 1/2 years since we started dating. Okay, that makes me feel old ;-).

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Church. There was a conspiracy between our minister, and our mothers (his is the pastoral assistant and mine is an elder) to get us together.

We been together for 10 years, married for 8 in July

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At work! We had a super-secret office romance for 6 months, then got outed by his boss! (Not a huge deal - dating was allowed at our old work)

We got engaged 2 years later, married a year after that, and will be celebrating our 4 year anniversary this August!

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Hubby and I met at a friends house. We didn't talk much but then once he started dating a 'friend' we were all together a bit more as we hung out lots. Things between him and her started going down hill and we secretly had feelings for each other. After finally had had enough of her, he ditched her and came and found me same day. That afternoon he gathered up enough courage to ask me out. That was 12 years ago!

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High School Youth Group

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We met a work. He was a gravel truck driver and I was a heavy equipment operator Wink we started out as friends just the usually making fun of each other at work. We had a mutual friend at work who needed heart surgery and I gave curtis my # to pass on to our friend but instead he started texting me we went out and been together since.

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Online. Eharmony.

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Long story short: A mutual friend... who's parents pastored the church DH's parents went to. DH was in the AF and flew to spend the holidays with his family which involved a trip to the annaul New Year's Conference. My friend and I went to the conference also and roomed together. I was checking him out for her... and he was checking me out for himself! Wink I went back to college. He went back to his base and we started e-mailing. We connected instantly and it was a little crazy trying to sort out friendships... But, it all worked. We spent 6 weeks together of face time over a year and a half before our wedding because I was finishing up college and could only see him on my breaks. The rest of our relationship was e-mail, phone calls, and snail mail letters. Have been married for almost 7 years and it has been great!

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"indianajones" wrote:

Short version: online.

Slightly longer version: He did a search through yahoo profiles (on their messenger- like AIM or ICQ) for keyword "disney" (he's a huge buff), mine was one of the ones that came up due to a random quote on my page, and when he sent messages to those 50ish people asking to chat, I was the only one to reply. Glad I did!

A Disney buff??? I like him!!!1

DH and I met online. When I took a job as a youth minister I joined a youth ministry forum in order to share and get ideas for ministry. At the time I joined everyone was getting ready to meet up in Atlanta for a Youth Worker convention. The running joke was that DH was the organizer of all get together's, he's a very outgoing, welcoming kind of guy. It's one of the things I love about him, and that he was the forum "pimp." (We think he got that one cause some of the girls in the group thought he was flirting with him and secretly had a crush on him)

So, when I joined they were talking about meeting your future husband/wife at the convention. I honestly do not remember what DH posted, but I do know I said "Wow, Derek, I wouldn't even know how to respond to that." His response was "Then, DON'T! (insert angry face smiley) I decided I had no interest in talking to him if he couldn't take a silly joke.

Fast forward to about a week later??? My friend Johnny told me that everyone was meeting up in a AIM chatroom and that when I got home from work, to let him know and he would invite me. He did and guess who was there. UGH yep, DH. He IM'ed me and welcomed me, and a bunch of small talk went on from there. I tied to ignore him. Chat was fun, and that is essentially how I met my good friend, Shay (whose family I "adopted". Love them so much). A little while later, after some silence, he asks me about my nieces....it was over after that. 13 hours later, we said goodnight and the rest is history.

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"Disneykat" wrote:

A Disney buff??? I like him!!!1

That doesn't even begin to describe it! He browses forums daily getting all the latest updates on the parks, rides, etc.

We took a family trip there this past fall, and though it had been 6 years since we'd been, he did not miss a beat. He knew exactly what rides were closed for renovation, what had been changed, what special events would be going on, etc. He's like my own personal tour guide when we go! :biglaugh:

Never was big into Disney myself but I must admit I get teary eyed at the commercials now!