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What do you have planned for the weekend? I know today is a holiday in Canada and Monday is a holiday here in the US. Anything exciting?

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Today I have my growth scan. In the morning we are driving up to my parents' house in the SF Bay Area. On Sunday we are going to a wedding reception and my parents are watching Brandon, and on Monday we are going to barbecue and do fireworks.

If we get there early enough tomorrow we might go check out the fair but we'll have to see. I could go for some funnel cake.

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Painting the kids' room! Probably a light green? But not 100% decided on color.

DD is also going to have a sleepover at Grandma's house.

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Nope no big plans here. I need to get cracking on sorting these babies clothes, but I have been saying that for months now! LOL
I will probably have a cookout or 2 that we will attend and maybe go see the fireworks Sat night.

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I don't really have any plans. DH went camping, he'll be back on Monday sometime. So it's just me and my boys and the house guest. I'm hoping the boys will sleep well and let me rest... but that may be asking a bit much. :roll:

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No! Although I don't have to work this weekend, Carlos works all three days 9-5. Tomorrow night my twin cousins are celebrating their birthday at an Indian spot in Manhattan so I'll be heading out to there. That's probably the most exciting thing happening this weekend. LOL

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No big plans here. We usually host a BBQ for the 4th of July, and go see fireworks at the house of our friends who we co-own my horse with (they set them off in his pasture!) But this year I just didn't feel up to throwing a party, and I don't know if we're going to do the fireworks either. Just relaxing and maybe getting a few things done around the house sounds good to me! We'll probably go to the pool at the Y, but that's about it.

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No plans. We are trying to see if it is feasible to watch the fireworks but it might not be with a toddler. However, we've seen the Boston display on tv so we would like to see iti n person.

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skyler always spends canada day with grandpa soo im all alone curtis went to vancouver to a rush concert he will be back later tonite, soo i think im gunna walk around my house naked crank sum tunes and maybe even dance a lil Wink
maybe ill do something practical too like start on the nursery Smile

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Well, dh has off work this weekend, which is pretty much a miracle Lol Our plan is to leave tomorrow morning and camp until Monday. We'll be camping on my uncle's property and my cousin from CO will be up there so I'll get to see her new baby and my brother is probably going up there too. Should be fun. We'll do fireworks at one point. One town has them Saturday and the one we're going to be closest to has them Sunday and then there is a parade Sunday morning. We're just taking it as we go really. Monday dh's parents are having a cook out so we'll hopefully be back by then and Tuesday the kids start term 2 of summer school Yahoo though I may have them skip Tuesday because my mom wants to go to the beach with me and the kids and Wednesday I have another midwife appointment, should be one fast, full week!

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It was too hot during the day today to take the kids to a nearby town to participate in all the free kids games where they get free goodies after just for being there, so we watched Cars 2 instead. Then we left and went to see a couple things at the Bikers Reunion. The 'fire breathing transformers' was a tad lame, but the water divers were great, very comical and entertaining! Then we watched their fireworks display and just got back an hour ago - after midnight! It was a long night but it's for the kids. I'm really sore now though from standing so much, being plus sized with huge boobs and a baby inside kinda makes standing hellish, more so while pregnant though. A bad back don't help anything either, but again, I just keep telling myself it's all for the kids lol. Hoping to get to sleep in tomorrow and hubby can just deal with the kids a bit, but I know full well THAT won't ever happen :rolleyes:. Oh well.

Rest of the weekend doubt we're doing much, discovered when we got back to town that the rear bearing on the van went so looks like more freakin repairs, and that one was checked and it was good. GO FIGURE!

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We spent Thursday (I took Thursday off work) and Friday (holiday) getting the rest of the things we needed for baby done. We bought the crib mattress and picked up the extra crib we are borrowing from SIL (until DD goes into a toddler bed), a few outfits, nursing bras and a new changing table mattress.

DD was thrilled to get the paint for her new room. DH finished painting that and it looks great. Since we are leaving the nursery the way it is, I will post pics of her big girl room when it is finished.

We left Friday night for our cabin. DD usually sleeps really poorly when travelling but ended up sleeping really well so I was well rested. The bugs were horrible though so we all look like we are suffering from some weird skin disorder! Overall great trip though.