RQOTD 7/11

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RQOTD 7/11

What is your favorite thing about the summer?

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My garden :-). Also how green and pretty everything is.

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I would say the warm weather but summers here are just downright hot. I do love the availability of my favorite produce, like strawberries, and that my garden is flourishing right now.

I think once Brandon starts school I will really look forward to the summers.

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I love the longer days! I also enjoy the warm weather, but I hate the humidity!

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Fresh fruit and vegetables. Our CSA share pickups start tomorrow and I'm so excited to get our weekly box of fresh food. Biggrin

Oh... and ICECREAM. Wink

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laziness. :mrgreen: I love not having to get dressed until 10am and not having to go anywhere unless I want to. Well, okay, we have to go to the store pretty soon as we are out of milk and a few other things.. but you get my drift. Wink

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NO SNOW!!!!!!!!!!! I like that we can go out and not have to spend years bundling everyone up and warming the van up for hours. Normally I would also say sleeping in past 7am, however being pregnant 1, that doesn't happen, and 2, Heather is now in a 4 day a week for 6 weeks summer school program. It's another little program to get preschoolers ready for school in September. I miss her tons but I know it'll help her to really do well once September gets here. Only difference is,it's only a couple hours in the morning, school is all day, not sure if either me or her can handle that lol!

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My favorite part of summer is getting to see my older boys. They come spend 3 weeks here, and it always goes too fast, but its awesome to have them. I miss them so much, especially in the winter.

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The fact that its not winter!

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waking up before anyone else and taking my morning coffee out onto the front porch. I love teh smell of early morning and peacefulness associated with it! and i love watching the stars at night too...you cant do either of them comfortably when it is cold out Sad

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Everything? Lol I love not having to bundle the kids with coats, snowpants, boots, gloves, hats, and scarves before going and then dealing with getting them in car seats and keeping them warm. I love not having to drive in snow, or walk in it for that matter. Being able to go outside in what I'm wearing with or without shoes. The kids being able to play outside everyday (wears them out! yay!). My garden and yes definitely the availability of fresh produce and the lower cost. I just love the views whenever I go anywhere, we live in farm country and I love driving past all the fields and seeing all the newborn calves, just makes me happy. I love that my kids aren't gone ALL day at school (they are in summer school for all of us to stay sane Lol but it's only until 1pm whereas the normal school day is until 4pm which is about when I start dinner and our nights are hectic) I love going camping and how there is so much more to do even if we don't want to spend money. I can't even say I don't like the heat because I love swimming and going to the beach and there's always a nice breeze at the beach so it never feels too hot there.
I do live in Wisconsin so I'm sure our summers are not as brutal as some places though, I'd just love it if I could still live here except have summer longer. We really only get 2-3 months of summer so it goes by way too fast.

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Farmers markets and the local ice cream shops open for the season.

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no rain!!!! okk LESS RAIN!!!!! ROFL i live on the westcoast so less rain is soooo nice~