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RQOTD 7/19

What do you do to pamper yourself?

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I shop Smile I am an avid online shopper!

I also get a pedi once a month!

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Ummmm.... I don't.... sad IK.:icecream:

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I also love to shop...I'm sure Chris wishes I didn't love it so much, lol. When I want to pamper myself I also get mani/pedis and/or massages. Sometimes even having some alone time is pampering myself. Chris also lets me sleep in on the weekends which is nice too.

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I really don't either unfortunately. Just no time lately. I do feel better after I shop Lol which I've been doing too much of lately and I have told dh that if I get to 36 weeks I'm going to get a mani/pedi on 8/24 Lol I want pretty nails for labor

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In the evenings I like to take like 20 minute, steaming hot showers. Helps me to relax. Smile I wish I would do more, like get mani's & pedi's but I have such mommy guilt for buying myself anything.

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Well, typically pampering myself means taking a shower during daylight on the weekends when DH is home to watch the boys. These showers last about 20 minutes.. 2x as long as my usual showers. I don't add anything to my shower routines, just stand there in the water for as long as I can without getting bored. Smile

What I'd LOVE to do to pamper myself is get a massage and a pedicure, but those take money I don't have. :confused:

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i take a bath once or twice a week when my back REALLY hurts me. Thats it. i tend to forget that i need to take care of ME! Sad

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Pampering.......... what's that????? I don't do anything except every 4-6 months I get my hair cut and rehighlighted. I try to go every 4 as recommended by my hair dresser, but sometimes that don't happen. 6 months is my max because by then I REALLY need it lol. Other than that, I don't do anything. I'm worried more about everyone else than me :confused:. I occasionally buy a new shirt or something, but I don't class that as pampering.

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I can honeslty say that I don't do anything to pamper myself anymore. I know it sucks. The best thing I can think of is a nice warm bath with ether bath salts or bubbles.

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A nice hot shower or shopping, the usual!

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These days pampering means getting to take a shower by myself, since DD has decided that she needs to shower with me EVERY DAY. Lol! When I get a chance to spend a few minutes by myself and read a book, it's wonderful. When I get to go ride my horse (without taking DD with me) that is also wonderful. I also love the whole mani/pedi/massage thing, but it's a VERY rare treat with money being tight. But I do have plans to go get a pedicure with a friend on my due date!

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No time to pamper myself Sad but I sum times ignore the world aka. Sky and curtis lock myself in the bathroom and turn up the shower radio and hide out in the shower till the water goes cold hehe. ROFL

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I like the long hot shower. Most of the time mine are about 5 minutes or have DD in them.

I like massages and DH does buy them sometimes for me for things like mother's day but it doesn't seem worth the money most of the time.

I keep wanting to get a pedicure because so many people swear by them but I hate my feet being touched so I don' think it would be relaxing :rolleyes: