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RQOTD 7/21

What is your favorite hot beverage?

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my homemade hot chocolae with loads of marshmellows! yummy!

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Tim Horton's Coffee or Tim Horton's French Vanilla cappuchino's. Mmmmmm.

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coffee Smile and when im not pregnant coffee with baileys and kaluah infront of the fire on a snowy day !!!

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Coffee and also hot apple cider!

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Right now it's hot chocolate but normally it's coffee (we have a Keurig and my favorite is the Gloria Jean's Butter Toffee). When I'm not pg I also enjoy my coffee with a little bit of Bailey's Wink

I also like lemon tea.

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Hot chocolate. I'm not a coffee drinker at all. I will drink hot chocolate all year round!

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Um.... Peppermint Tea, I guess.

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Hot apple cider and hot chocolate

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Tea! I'm a total tea granny Smile
The very best is earl grey with milk in it...mmm! I also really like mulled apple cider during the holidays.

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Coffee... some type of mocha probably. Smile

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Coffee...lg double double from Tim Hortons

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TEA!!! I have a peach apricot tea that i love but I am known at Starbucks near my house for grande chai tea latte(One of the ladies at the drive through knows o not give my a cardboard sleeve since I have my own kozy that I use.)

Oh and Hot chocolate with cinnamon. AND....Thai/Malaysian tea!!!

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I usually frequent Starbucks once or twice a day for a chai latte (both DH refer to it as our smoking habit). We actually have ot budget for it :eek: