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Sorry I've been lagging. I'm still trying to catch up from the holiday weekend.

What do you have planned for the weekend?

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Saturday we have tickets for Cars 2 at the El Capitan theater in Hollywood. They have a big exhibition with Cars 2-related games and activities that is included with our admission. This will be a first for us too as Chris and I have never seen a movie there. The one good thing is that we have reserved seats with refreshments and it's all paid for so we just have to show up.

Sunday I'm not sure yet. If Chris has to work, which is likely, we'll just have a quiet day at the house. If not we might go to Palm Springs for the day. We're just kind of playing it by ear.

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My brother's birthday party is tomorrow so the kids and I are going to that. DH works until 5 and then is going to a baseball game with his friends so it's just me and the kids. Sunday I think we'll probably just have a lazy at home day after church. It's supposed to storm but if it doesn't we'll spend the day in the backyard with the kids I'm sure.

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It's supposed to be nice tomorrow, sunny and only 23C, so I'm hoping to get a chance to take the kids to go feed the ducks. So far it's either been too hot or too cloudy and buggy, or rainy. We also bought the girls a swingset on Tuesday and I ordered a pink baby swing for Hailey which we can pick up today, so if the weather stays nice tomorrow, we can all go out and enjoy the weather and she can go swinging. We had to resort to a smaller set and isn't good for my older boys who like to swing really high and be rough, but we live only 5 mins from their school so they're more than welcome to go there with friends kwim. We also bought the boys a badminton/volleyball set for doing so well in school (so that's a gift only they can use, which cancels out the non usage of the swing set), and I'm hoping that once Hailey has a nap or something, we can teach them how to play. I told hubby if we play a bit of badminton he's gotta take it easy, being almost 7 months pregnant obviously I can't run here or there, but if we can keep it going straight it's not so bad.

Sunday it's supposed to pour rain so I'm thinking we'll get the upstairs cleaned. My room needs to be cleaned up and ready for painting. Thinking maybe in a couple weeks we'll buy the paint and paint our room. So far we're going with this really nice Raspberry colour, but I discovered there's a few other shades that are just as nice, so we'll see. We played around with it online and put that colour in a bedroom setting and it looked really nice and hubby likes the colour.

Other than that, nothing too much. I have 1 more big bin of girls clothing that I might go through if I have any ambition and see what, if any I can wash and put aside for baby girl to wear. I also want to TRY and get a name finalized for her. If by chance she comes early, then we don't have 11 weeks roughly till she's born and I'm getting impatient on the fact that she's nameless still!

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Not really sure. DH will be home tonight and Saturday, then he leaves again Sunday morning for another business trip. I'd love to be able to go see my horse tomorrow, but I don't know if that will happen. DD and I will probably go to church on Sunday after we see DH off, and then maybe we'll go to the pool at the Y- it's supposed to be hot and sunny.

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My father got.into town last night from south Carolina so I am meeting him, my brother and.sister-in-law for.dinner Saturday night. He's finally talking to me after 6 months when he had told me he didn't want to cause I was pregnant. It should be interesting. The rest of the weekend is finishing the baby room up hopefully.

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We have family in town from CA, so we are all going out to dinner tonight, but other then that I dont have plans. I would really love it if DH would get the baby crap down from the attic so I can start to go thru them! Of course I have been asking for 2 wks and it has yet to happen so we will see!

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We have company coming over for dinner tonight, so I've been cleaning all day. I love having a clean house.

DH will take DS to Lowe's Build and Grow program at the morning. Not sure of our mid-day plans and then church tomorrow night.

Sunday is completely free so far. We haven't even talked about what we might do.

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I don't really have much planned. I would like to do some much needed house cleaning and tidying up/prepping for Thalia. These past couple of weekends I have been really tired tho. Let's see what happens.

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absolutely nothing!! Yahoo

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Finishing the nursery and then setting up the guest room Smile look at me nesting away lol! Oh then heading to costco to grocery shop since I have been putting it off since last wk Wink I live such an exciting life lol!

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We will be finishing moving into our new place, hitting up Target and possibly Costco.

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We have a wedding tomorrow and than on Sunday we have to pack our daughter because the grandparents are taking her for a week.It'll be nice to have a break but I'm def going to miss her. Hopefully we'll also be able to get some overdue spring cleaning done (considering we are in summer now!)

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I'll be working this weekend, but DD has been invited to a birthday party for one of her best buddies from daycare who is turning 4. She is so excited!

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helping DH drive kids and luggage up to his mission trip. I'm single mom for the week. But we will be busy.

Wait you asked about the weekend, not my week. Sorry. Carry on