s/o belly pics (PIP)

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s/o belly pics (PIP)

MIL made a dress for DD, and we got it in the mail today. After DD put it on, I told her to go stand by the door so I could take a picture. She immediately posed like this.

Perhaps she's seen me take a belly pic or two? ROFL

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LOL that's cute!!!

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That is so adorable!!!

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She's so cute and I love the dress too!

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Awe, how sweet. And I agree. I love the dress. Smile

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lol that's soo cute!

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Too cute! I also have a crafty mil and I love the outfits she makes for dd.

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adorable! your DD and the dress!

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So adorable. Love the dress.

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What a cutie, I love the dress!

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That is too funny! She's a cutie Smile

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LOL too cute.