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I'm feeling alone in this pregnancy.. Sure it wasn't planned and was quite unexpected and thrown our lives just plain out of whack.. But still, DH isn't into it at all... He was totally in love with his 2 boys we had before. I wish he'd acknowledge the baby. I mean he never talks about him.. When I try to get him to feel the baby move he doesn't seem to want to. With our other two boys he was all over it! Talked about them all the time and loved feeling them move. This whole pregnancy has felt liket he worst time of my life to be honest.. I love Kyan w.all my heart. I just wish others would lovingly accept him. Ya know? I just hate feeling this way all the time.

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I know how you are feeling. My SO decided he didn't want to be with me a few weeks ago so I am on my own. But even before that he didn't take much interest in the baby. I would try to tell him things and he would just not believe me or say I was over exaggerating.. I think with DH since it was unplanned he might be scared about having a 3rd child if he was happy with 2. This is his way of denying it or trying to hide his fears. I bet once you deliver amd he sees his new.little boys face and holds him for the 1st time all will change. It makes it really rough for you in the mean time. We are all here for you and you can share your excitement with us.

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I think men just react differently to things, my dh hasn't really been interested in any of my pregnancies. And when it comes to getting baby stuff he procrastinates big time as if it's not going to happen...but the important part is when the baby is here he falls in love and I'm sure your dh will too. Smile

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I wonder if if it his way of dealing with such a huge surprise. Because of the love he shows your boys is encouraging. There should really be no reason why he will not love this little guy just as much.

People seem to react to surprise pregnancies in different ways. I really hope he starts to come around. In the mean time call us your surrogate DH's! I will rub my moniter (pretend I am rubbing your back)!

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:bigarmhug: I'm so sorry that you're feeling this way. I agree with the others though- even if he doesn't come around before, I am sure he will fall in love when he sees this little one's face! In the meantime, we're here for you!

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sorry chica. Sad *hugs* I know that is hard. I agree with PP...maybe he's just scared. and once he sees the lil baby born he will have a change of heart. if i were you, id take dh out to dinner and have a one on one talk with him on how you feel...maybe he doesnt realize how upset you are..

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I'm so sorry, hon! Tons of hugs going your way!

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I'm sorry. Men do seem to react to things differently than women. Brandon was unplanned and he eventually came around and was excited but this pregnancy has been completely different. I agree with the other ladies, he may not seem excited now, but once the baby comes I'm sure he'll be just in love as you are.

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My DH doesnt gush over my pregnancies either, never has. Sometimes that can be hard, but in the end he is a great Dad. Now on the other hand my il's have yet to really except this pregnancy Sad

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My DH doesn't gush either. But he sneaks in baby belly time when I'm asleep. Wink

Hopefully he'll come around soon. Have you talked with him about it?

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sorry hun. i agree, he's probably just scared. the important thing is that once he sees that baby he will fall in love. hugs girl! we are here for you

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wow.. He actually asked if the baby was still kicking me tonight. LOL And he brought home some baby clothes. All too big of course... But guess the baby will grow into them, lol. I hope he comes around... I've talked to him about it and really get no where. Feeling lonely is the worst feeling.

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I'm sorry you feel that way. I feel that way sometimes. DH doesn't really care to feel movement or anything like that. I don't think he's felt Carter move since I started feeling movement. I know he wasn't thrilled about having another kid but I wish he would act a little more excited. Hope your DH comes around! Big hugs sweetie!