Sales People Suck (OT) Long

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Sales People Suck (OT) Long

Ok, so we have 2 vehicles. a 4 door hyundai elantra and an Ford F150 Lariat. the car is the family car, the car we load miles onto. Dh bought the truck as the 4WD vehicles for bad weather, hauling wood and other big items, and ok, i always wanted a truck LOL. but its a gas guzzler, expensive to keep up with, etc. the truck sits there most of the time, to be used when we need to drive seperately to work, need to haul something big or when we just feel like driving it.

Well, i have been hinting around that the car is not going to be big enough for us, 2 teenagers and a baby. all my efforts paid of and DH decided that the logical thing to do would be to trade the truck in and keep the car as a work vehicle. so now he is on a rampae to find us our perfect vehicle. he REALLY likes KIA Sorentos and it has 3rd row seating and lots of room. so he convinced me to take a drive 45 minutes AFTER work to go to the dealership to take a look at them. out the door we went (5:30pm) with the understanding that we would just take a look, get some prices and thats it. let me stop here and mention that I HAVENT SLEPT IN A WEEK AND IM EXHAUSTED. so we get out to the Kia dealership and we get this moron of sales guy who is too lazy to really bother with our questions, he lets us in the vehicle and we play with all the fancy gadgets (most unneeded). the whole time focusing his attention on me, the pregnancy and the fact that we both had our children 15 years apart (i surely didnt mention that i adopted Brianna). we go in the building so i can rest my back and dh asks to run numbers and to see what we could get for the truck. the guy completely didnt want to help us, and told us to come back on Saturday. :eek: annoyed we left, however, we are friends with one of the managers. later we found out ALL the info he gave us was wrong he was too lazy.

any who, we took a stroll downt he street to the Toyota place and got a call from a KIA dealership that was 15 down the road, they told us the guy was waiting for us and would ony take a few minutes to give us the value of our truck and crunch numbers. against my will, we headed down there. at this point it is 7pm. we get there, and NOONE has a clue why we are there. The person we were told to ask for (turns out to be the GM) was on VACATION! so we get this fluzy of a girl helping us, and we made it clear that we were not purchasing, just trying to get figures. she new i was tired and miserable, (i apologized in the beginning to her for getting an unnecessary attitude with her) and again, we clearly stated we just wanted numbers. so they take the truck to appraise it, we go off looking at vehicles. 30 minutes later the truck comes back and they give us the value which is WAY under BB value. and then start pushing for us to buy the vehicle, we remind them, AGAIN we are not buying. so this guy comes out, who is the BIL to the guy we were originally told to ask for, and he crunches numbers. what he doesnt realize is that we did our homework and KNOW that there are alot of rebates out ther right now PLUS military discount. so i can tell he is annoyed but he leaves and comes back with new numbers, that do not include military discount but DOES have us putting $1500 down. still, he is pushing to keep us there to buy this vehicle NOW. again, we remind we are not buying today. at this point, i am pissed off for SO many reasons. why in the world would you try to tell us to put down X amount of $$ when we have a truck also that we are trading for ALOT of $$.?? at this point, it is 8:30pm, he KNOWS i am tired and cranky, yet this *ss hole pushes and pushes. finally i stood up and told him that we just wanted numbers, we have them, gnite! after that he STILL tried to keep us there. i looked at the guy, reminded him AGAIN that i am FULL TERM pregnant and TIRED, and an hour from home, turned and walked out. There was alot more all of this but i dont want to bore you further. i know that they push to sell their vehicles, but how in the world do people expect to get business and sales when they dont LISTEN to their customers??

in the end, i didnt get to bed until 10pm and now im am even more miserable and tired than i was. i dislike idiots alot LOL. why do i have a feeling DH is gonna drag me all over the state this weekend looking at vehicles??

Sorry this is so long and boring, just wanted to get it written down and off my chest. if you made it this far, thanks for listening

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Sorry Laura, Car sales ppl do suck. I understand that they have to make a living as well, but give me the info I freaken want and let me think about it.

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Wow, that does not sound like a good experience! I'd tell your dh to find one that he likes and then bring you with rather than dragging you all over looking.
For what it's worth if you are looking at SUV's with 3rd row seating I *love* my Honda Pilot, the storage space isn't the greatest with the 3rd row up but it's certainly enough if we aren't going on a big trip or something...and that's taking into account packing things for 3 kids and 2 adults

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I'm sorry you had such an icky experience. There's a big difference between being a good salesman and annoying the heck out of people so that they don't want to do business with you! I would complain to the GM or find another Kia dealership if you guys are still interested in that car. I hope you can find a car that works for you (quickly!)

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After two bad experiences, I would be against getting a Kia at that point! I expect to be catered to at a dealership, they have to earn that sale. The second time we bought a Subaru was a few years after the first and we went back to the original salesperson we had b/c we had such a great experience with him. If they want the sale they will work for it. It sounds to me that your Kia dealerships don't want or need your business.

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hmm, honda pilot, i will have to look into that. We are huge fans of Subaru but they tend to be pricey, i know DH does want to look at them now. Hyundai is on my list too. The Kia Sorentos are gordeous, but im not eager to pay 28K for it. we will see...

while i would love to send DH out to look for me, i know that would NOT end well. i need to be thee to make sure he doesnt make any rash decisions LOL i can hear him now, "but honey, all the walking will be good for you, and maybe they will kick start contractions", yeah that and all the "potholes" he wants to hit to help me kick start labor ROFL

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This is why I hate car shopping. Sorry about your bad experience Laura. I would throw out the Chevy Traverse, but Chevy's are such gas guzzlers. nice cars though.

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That sucks. Sales people, in general, tend to annoy me but I hear car salesman are the worst.

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So sorry! I hate car salesman too. They never know when to stop. I need to get something with a 3rd row seat now that we will have three carseats and I am dreading the process. Although, I have had very good experiences with CarMax so far, so I will be going through them again. You do your browsing online and then have the car you want to check out brought to your local Carmax so you can see it in person. No being followed around the lot by someone who doesnt know when to shut up.

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i 2nd the Honda comment. We ADORE our Honda. and so does all our friends have a variety of vehicles by them. i'd check it out.
Dont' forget before you buy to cehck out the recall list and the national institute of safety (or whatever its called) to see how its done in crash tests all all that.

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Car salesmen are the worst!!!! sorry you didnt have a good experience.

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:lurk: Have you looked at the Mazda5? It's not quite a mini-van, not quite an SUV, not quite a station wagon. Three rows of seats.

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You have Ford truck so I assume you don't mind Fords? I have the Ford Flex and it has a 3rd row. Great vehicle. The backseat (3rd row) really doesn't have much leg room but if you aren't using it daily it won't matter. I have DS in the back now and I carpool with 2-3 people every day. When my family (including my mom, SIL, niece, nephew, DS and DH) all ride in my car it easily fits two car seats in the 3rd row, the infant seat in the second row and adult on each side of the baby.

When its just me and DS I have the third row folded down and the storage room is huge! Also - one thing I realized after going from the Escape to the Flex is that I love having a lower to the ground SUV when getting the infant seat in and out.

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Buying cars is awful!

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I feel your pain, we just went through all of this about a month ago ( although I wasn't full term pregnant). Hopefully you can find a sales man you like and a car!