Sapphire Blinkies Are Done!!!

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Sapphire Blinkies Are Done!!!

Hi ladies I finally got the blinkies made!! I really hope you enjoy them, and I made a special one for our twin girls coming :D. I wasn't able to make them how I had thought because I'm still on my laptop but I like them, and the fact that I was able to use hearts for them all I thought was even better :D.

For those having a girl!

For our twin girls!

For those having a boy!

And for those who haven't found out yet or not going to, our surprise beans!

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Cute! I'm going to wait till next week to put mine up, after my gender scan!

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So cute! Thanks again for making these Smile

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Thanks Kristina they are perfect!

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Love em!! i am on 2 boards, im not sure if i should put one up?! would it be ok to put one up from August and September?

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I need help. How do you put it on your siggy.. .and my siggy won't take ANY more characters/additions.

Anyone wanna tweak mine to make it fit?? I'm not very good with codes. LOL.

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Those are cute! I am going to wait until after my u/s on Monday to put one up. I know it will be the boy one but I have a little spark of hope left that I was wrong. LOL!

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I'm so glad you guys like them!!

Laura, sure it's ok if you add one of each if you want unless you want to stick to just one board :).

Janelle - best I can think of is to delete the team green/thinking pink and the siggy pic and the blinky should fit. For me I'm going to have to delete one of my tickers - probably the one for Hailey in order for a blinky to fit. But we'll see, I may delete most of what I have and add an u/s pic of the baby, haven't decided yet!

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Yes, i had to tweak my siggy too as it would not save it.

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Thanks for the blinkie, this is great! I never did a blinkie with my other bb.

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Good job!!!! Smile

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Perfect! Nice job, and thank you!

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BloomingRose..your help has been requested

August are now the August Bumlebees. the problem is, we dont have anyone to make a blinkie for us. i was telling them on one of their threads how nice ours are (and its in my signature) and we were wondering if you would be willing to help us out.

Think about and let me know. Smile

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How would I copy these into my signature. Save then upload on photobucket? No idea. LOL